WATCH: Hilarious Babylon Bee Take on Californians Canvassing for Beto in Texas

There are more and more signs that the wave is coming, and Republican campaigns are gaining steam all over the country.

I wrote earlier today about how even in New York, in a stunning new poll, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) just took the lead from Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul. If we’re seeing even deep blue New York being affected, you know the wave is on the way.

In Texas, Democrat Beto O’Rourke is far behind Gov. Greg Abbott in the gubernatorial race. He’s 11 points back according to the latest UT/Texas Tribune poll, which has Abbott at 54 percent and O’Rourke at 43 percent. Republicans are voting for Abbott, Democrats for Beto, but the big difference is that the independents are going 60 percent to Abbott with only 29 percent going to Beto. So it looks like Beto is pretty much toast if this is any indication. The RealClearPolitics average has Abbott up 8.7 points.

The satire-slinging Babylon Bee has a running video series about a California couple and their experiences after they moved to Texas. All the segments are worth a look, at their reaction to things Texas and the reaction of Texans to the couple’s very California liberal ways. But the latest take about the California couple canvassing for Beto in a deep red area of Texas is hilarious, with a special guest and twist at the end. “Bless your heart!”

The woman says they left Califonia because it was being “ruined” but then notes Beto is just like the politicians running California. The man goes to another house and is met by a guy who responds, “But isn’t Beto some kind of moron?” Not according to his official website, the man says. But then they combine their “powers” to go to the next house where they are met by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) who tells them he has letters to write, then drops one. The folks from California then recognize the unmistakable sign of the Zodiac Killer, thus confirming who Cruz truly is. That was just gold. Then they truly finish it off when they go looking for a place where people gather.

How perfect was that? So dead on in both directions on the Californians and the Texans. But good on Ted Cruz for his great sense of humor, and the running joke about who the Zodiac Killer is.

Here’s the full video that takes them into the First Baptist Church.

You can check out the other episodes in the description of the above video. They’re good too.

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