‘Such a Joke’: Joe Biden Invites Ulta’s Trans TikTok Activist to the White House for Discussions

While President Joe Biden refuses to meet with important figures like Elon Musk — ya know, the guy sending up spaceships that come back down safely to earth and is the lead manufacturer of electric vehicles — he is inviting TikTok influencers to discuss the future.

And not just any TikTok influencer, but Dylan Mulvaney. You may recognize him as a guy who thinks he’s a “her.” Mulvaney was recently invited on Ulta’s podcast to discuss femininity with another man, effectively trying to redefine the primary characteristic of womanhood so that it’s also considered a man’s territory. It resulted in a boycott of the makeup chain.

Mulvaney uploaded an entry to his TikTok where he informed viewers he was now in DC because he was invited there by President Biden to discuss trans issues among other things.

Mulvaney said that he was ready to “step up” for the trans community including “trans kids.”

During the TikTok, Mulvaney referenced Michelle Obama as “Queen” while walking by her portrait. Soon after he was back in his hotel bathroom attempting to influence his followers to vote, and to clean up some “messes” that have needed to be cleaned up for hundreds of years. It’s unclear what that means.

As TimCast Editor-in-Chief Cassandra MacDonald noted, “the current administration is such a joke.”


At the end of the day, what Biden was clearly after is LGBT votes and his team figures Mulvaney was probably the best candidate to get the message across that they should be voting for Democrats.

The issue for Biden, however, is that Mulvaney’s inclusion into his last project caused women to boycott Ulta for effectively mocking and erasing women, which seems to be the transgender activist’s modus operandi. One of the questions asked by many women while Ulta was in the hot seat was why it’s not okay for trans-racialism to be a thing but women can effectively be mocked through transgenderism.

The answer is in how many votes doing so will net you. Saying that anyone can be black if they want to be black is insulting to the black community which has made it clear that their skin color isn’t a joke and their culture needs to be respected. Democrats won’t disagree with that because the black community votes for them by the majority.

However, women have proven that they can be mocked and sidelined by the LGBT community and they’ll still vote for Democrats thanks to things like the abortion issue. So they can please the LGBT activists who will influence their community to vote for Democrats while outraging women with the abortion issue to secure their vote, despite the fact that they’re busy effectively saying women don’t exist.

To be sure, Mulvaney is mocking women, and Biden and the Democrats are giving him the spotlight to do it with. The question will be whether or not this mockery will be a miscalculation resulting in more women turning their back on Democrats just like they turned their back on Ulta.

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