Pfizer Executive Admits They and the White House Lied About Vaccine Efficacy

For the most part, COVID-19 has receded into the background as an issue for Americans. For those of us who live in sane states, we haven’t worn a mask or really thought about the virus in years. Still, that general return to normalcy has allowed a lot of bad actors to escape accountability for the things they did during the height of the pandemic.

That includes the current administration, which pushed illegal vaccine mandates under the guise of the unvaccinated being a threat to others, directly proclaiming that the vaccines stop transmission. Joe Biden infamously said that “you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations” back in 2021. He also viciously attacked the unvaccinated in multiple speeches, claiming that not getting the shots was putting other people at risk.

I remember those times well because those of us telling the truth about the vaccines not stopping transmission might as well have been shouting into a void. Social media companies cracked down hard on right-leaning news sites that dared to be honest about the risks of spread and the nonsensical logic behind the mandates. We were censored, had our traffic throttled, and were called liars.

Many a “fact-check” like the following went forth to “prove” we were wrong.

Well, today (October 12th, 2022) offers just a bit of vindication for those who didn’t take our beatings lying down. An executive for Pfizer has admitted in an open hearing that they never even tested their vaccine to see whether it helped prevent transmission.

That admission runs counter to the claims coming from Pfizer and the Biden administration during and after the initial rollout of the vaccines. For well over a year, both entities alluded to data and studies showing that the transmission was significantly reduced after receiving the shots. It wasn’t until that lie became completely indefensible during the Omnicron wave that the goalposts began to move, with the CDC finally admitting in mid-2021 that the vaccinated were still spreading the virus at a high rate.

Now, we know that there never was any data to back up those claims. Pfizer, citing time constraints, never even tested the topic of transmission, instead focusing on whether it reduced the risk of severe illness.

In a vacuum, that would have been fine. Clearly, time was an issue, and you’d expect whether the vaccines help prevent death to be a priority. But we don’t live in a vacuum. Instead, we live in a world where these massive, government-leeching pharmaceutical companies made billions of dollars pushing their vaccines as a way to “protect others” knowing they had no data to back that up. Some might even call that fraud.

Meanwhile, the White House, desperate to push its own narrative regarding the vaccines, largely for political reasons, used those same false claims to justify mandates that never had any scientific backing. To this day, the Biden administration won’t admit that things like vaccine passports, for example, are completely worthless and unnecessarily discriminatory.

Of course, no one will pay a price for misleading the American public to bilk taxpayers out of billions of dollars. Accountability when it comes to COVID-19 would put the cult at risk, and we can’t have that.

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