North Korea Launches Missile Over Japan

North Korea, which according to Vice President Kamala Harris is our ally, apparently has grown weary of Ukraine and Russia getting all the international attention as of late. In response, Kim Jong-un and the Pyongyang party crew have upped their oversized fireworks ante over the past several days to remind everyone they’re still here. Thus far, the highlight is a missile launch on Tuesday, October 4th over Japan’s northeastern region before landing in the Pacific Ocean east of Japan. The launch prompted a warning from the Japanese Prime Minister’s office to citizens in the missile’s flight path, urging them to take cover.

From NHK News:

(Japanese Prime Minister) Kisihda Fumio said, “We strongly condemn the launch as an outrageous act. In response to it, I have instructed officials to check for possible damage caused by falling objects, to thoroughly collect and analyze information, and cooperate with allies.”

FOX News adds the following:

The launch is the fifth round of weapons tests by North Korea in the past 10 days in what was seen as an apparent response to military drills between South Korea and the United States. North Korea views such drills as an invasion rehearsal.

One cannot hear this news without reminiscing about the days of mean tweets and affordable gasoline when President Trump shocked everyone except those who understand his ways by reaching out to Kim Jong-un as the leader of a country and not merely a crazed dwarf. One accomplishes great things by extending an open hand to an adversary, accompanied by a knowing smile in their direction that your hand can either shake theirs or slap them down if they continue misbehaving; their choice. Carrot or the stick diplomacy has long been a staple of the business, but Trump raised it to masterful heights.

It is not irrational to believe North Korea’s recent uptick in missile activity is, at least in part, responding to Biden’s assertion that the United States would actively defend Taiwan should China attack the island. Kim Jong-un genuinely believes South Korea and the United States would love to invade North Korea, unifying North and South the hard way. A BTS concert in Kim Il-sung Square is more likely, but I digress. With Biden saber-rattling no matter how much his addlepated social justice warrior lackeys have weakened our military, no wonder Pyongyang is acting out.

Also worth noting is that Japan has been actively bolstering its military capacity in response to China’s increasing bellicosity regarding Taiwan. In August 2022, Japan and Israel took active measures toward increased military cooperation on multiple fronts including research. Given Japan and Korea’s hideous history, logic dictates North Korea wants to keep Japan on its toes.

All sarcasm and snark aside, we live in dangerous times. Biden is a feckless unfunny joke, and his puppet masters make no effort to hide their hatred for America. The world presently has no genuine leaders capable of rallying international support against those bent on destruction. It is dangerous to assume Kim Jong-un is doing nothing more than trying to score propaganda points. The situation warrants full attention, and one can only pray that the problem does not literally go nuclear.

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