Kari Lake Takes Reporter to the Woodshed After Abortion Question

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kari Lake is really, really good at this.

The Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona has routinely showcased her rhetorical skills while dealing with the press. A recent example involved a supposed “gotcha” question about the 2020 election where Lake proceeded to tear apart every aspect of the reporter’s inquiry. On Saturday, she was asked about abortion and put in a worthy follow-up performance.

This is another one of those “you really need to watch the clip” situations, but what Lake says breaks down into two parts.

First, she rejects the notion that pro-life policies are somehow harmful to women, saying that she wants women to understand that there are choices aside from ending a pregnancy. Abortion clinics are notorious for pressuring women into the procedure because of the financial incentive. The Republican also stated that she wants to make sure women get real healthcare when they need it.

But it was really her second point that landed as a direct indictment on the press. Lake challenges the reporter on why she and other Arizona journalists have let Katie Hobbs completely avoid the topic altogether. After all, isn’t it more radical to support killing a nine-month-old baby in the womb than believing that baby should live? Yet the media act as if it’s only extreme if you are pro-life, never even inquiring from Democrats about what they support.

Lake lays the situation out perfectly, denoting her viewpoints while also contrasting them with the radicalism of the left. In doing so, she embarrasses a press that refuses to do its job for political reasons. As I said, she’s really good at this.

Further, Lake represents a new generation of Republican politicians who aren’t just combative but are combative in a way that makes their opponents look silly and small. I’ve talked about that before in regard to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Lake has that same ability. She’s knowledgeable, never gets surprised, and is always ready to turn the tables.

I’ll admit that I had my questions about Lake during the primary as to how she would operate in a general election. Would she be able to shift gears in the general to hone in on a message that resonates while defusing the attacks from the left? Certainly, Lake has, and Hobbs made a huge mistake running from a debate. I sincerely hope the Republican finishes strong and sends shockwaves through the political-sphere.

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