WATCH: Wild Video From the Surging Storm in Florida

We’ve been writing about Hurricane Ian bearing down on Florida and now we’re seeing some videos of how bad it’s getting down there.

As we reported earlier, a camera from The Weather Channel in Ft. Myers, Florida, was completely submerged underwater despite it being positioned six-feet high.

That was happening all over the area, as the water from the storm surge flooded in. It’s up to the roofs in some areas of Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach. It reminds me of pictures of tsunamis. Let’s hope that people got out of there because reports are that it’s wild there.

The Naples firefighters might be busy if you call them for help, they’re busy rescuing their gear from their firehouse.

Fortunately for this cat, he had a boyfriend to save him.

Taylor Wirtz of WINK News said it looked like the Titanic inside their hotel in Naples.

The Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg gathered their flamingoes and brought them inside to keep them safe in the bathroom.

This is the power from the water allegedly flooding in, in Naples.

The man who took the picture reportedly lost his shoes but was otherwise okay, according to his wife.

Time-lapse of the storm surge coming in.

Houses coming off their foundations in Fort Myers Beach and people swimming in their basements.

Some of media was spreading a picture of a shark, seemingly finally excited that the old fake meme might be true, but others debunked that saying the index on the video indicated it was from 2010.

Perhaps one of the craziest but true aspects was as the water was surging in, in places like Naples, it was being sucked out in other places like Tampa.

But just like with a tsunami, don’t stay there to look around because it’s going to be coming back in.

Stay safe, people, this is crazy.

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