Mayor Eric Adams Says ‘New York Has a Brand’ That ‘Means Something’ to People

Talk about leaning face-first into a right hook… controversial New York City Mayor Eric Adams ironically boasted on Tuesday: “New York has a brand, and when people see it, it means something,” while taking a cheap shot at Kansas, who Adams claimed, “doesn’t have a brand.” Can you spell clueless?

Let’s go straight to the mayor:

New York has a brand. And when people see it, it means something. And when we go there, Kansas doesn’t have a brand [laughing]. When you go there, you [sic] from Kansas [continuing to laughingly mock]. Well, you know what? New York has a brand. They have a brand.

Um, Mr. Mayor? So which “brand” are you talking about, here?

Are you talking about the Black Lives Matter brand and the BLM thug who threatened “riots” and “bloodshed” brand, and walked out of an interview when called out? Or maybe the Big Apple’s out-of-control murder rate brand, or continuing anti-Asian hate crime brand?

Sorry, Eric. Tell it to the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who continue to flee your city and no longer “wanna wake up” in your crime-riddled “city that never sleeps.”

Incidentally, far as anyone knows, Adams has no particular beef with Kansas, but simply pulled it out his– never mind, as an example of not New York.

And, Eric? TravelKS thanks you for your “endorsement.”

Thanks for unleashing Kansas Twitter upon the world! Truth is, we have a brand, and it’s inspired by our state motto, “Ad astra per aspera,” or “To the stars through difficulties.” Kansans live and breathe this every day, so thanks for the opportunity to share it. #ToTheStarsKS

How are New York City’s stars aligning under your leadership, Mr. Mayor?

Oops — I almost forgot to mention that the clueless mayor is also being ripped by the left, as reported by Newsweek.

Adams, New York City’s Democratic mayor, is being scolded online by both progressives and conservatives for disparaging the state of Kansas for lacking a “brand” […]

Adams on Tuesday drew ire for his offhanded remark during a press briefing on his recent humanitarian trips to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. During the trip, Adams said that people quickly recognized New York City, unlike Kansas, which Adams said “doesn’t have a brand.”

“Do you think it is possible for you to stop saying stupid things every day that help Republicans and hurt Democrats?” Don Winslow, author and liberal political activist, said in a tweet.

“You don’t need to crap on Kansas to pump up NYC. That clip will be played by Republicans for years. You’re terrible at this.”

Michael Quinn Sullivan, a conservative activist and publisher of Texas Scorecard, tweeted, “People are fleeing your corrupt and dangerous city to go to places like Kansas, adding: “Maybe your ‘brand’ isn’t what you think it is.”

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in May that New York City saw the biggest population decline last year, with 305,465 residents leaving the expensive, crime-riddled city. That’s nearly six times as large as its 53,624 decrease in 2019.

Meanwhile, the population of Kansas neared 3 million in the 2020 U.S. Census, adding roughly 100,000 residents to its wide open spaces since the 2010 count.

If I’m ever looking to change brands, Mr. Mayor, I’ll consider Kansas over New York, every safe day of the week and twice on bloody Sunday.

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