Kinzinger Continues to Unravel, Says GOP ‘Crazies’ Will Impeach Biden ‘Every Week’ if They Take Control

Illinois “Republican” Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s descent into madness shows no signs of letting up, even though the Democrat Party shill is cowardly “retiring” at the end of his sixth term in January rather than seek re-election and face a certain humiliating defeat. The reason is simple.

As some might say, the bitter congressman is “all ate [sic] up” with stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome.

So yeah, Kinzinger claims Republican lawmakers will demand a vote to impeach President Biden “every week” if the GOP wins control of the House in the upcoming midterm elections. The only available evidence to support the wayward congressman’s claim is his own bitter madness. Kinzinger said on an episode of CNN’s The Axe Files with David Axelrod, which was released on Monday:

Back before we had all the crazies here — just some crazies — you know, every vote we took, we had to somehow defund ObamaCare. … You’ll remember, right when we took over it was ‘We need to do the omnibus bill, but we’re not going to vote for it because it doesn’t defund ObamaCare.’

Democrat Party hack David Axelrod is best known for his role as the chief strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. Nuff said?

Kinzinger went on to attack Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who, like Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert, is bonded to former President Donald Trump with Gorilla Glue. It will “look like child’s play in terms of what” Marjorie Taylor Greene demands of House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy if Republicans control the House.

Not to nitpick, Adam, but Biden should be impeached in the House and convicted in Senate for a number of reasons, including failing to “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

While the U.S. Constitution makes no mention of a president’s duty to protect the American people, as many believe, Biden’s intentional border crisis, including the flow of deadly fentanyl into the country, and his unconscionable sign-off on abandoning untold numbers of American citizens behind the lines of the Taliban, the most brutal terrorist organization on the planet, provide ample justification to boot Biden from office. Let’s top it off with Biden’s illegal “forgiveness” — transfer to U.S. taxpayers — of contractual student loan debt, which is possibly unconstitutional, as well, as opined by National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke in early September.

Then again, lost on Kinzinger, is it’s in the best interest of the Republican Party to keep Biden around until 2024 if they can for one simple reason: The guy is a walking, talking in-kind political contribution to the GOP.

As noted by National Review, Kinzinger is one of ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for “inciting” the January 6 Capitol riot, and one of just two Republicans serving on the January 6 select committee — the other being “conservative” Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney — investigating the Capitol riot. Kinzinger announced in October that he would not seek reelection.

Kinzinger then turned his sights on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who he would “absolutely love to see” not become House Speaker, asserting that “it’s quite possible” McCarthy wouldn’t assume the role because he’s “not right-leaning enough.”

“I think it’ll be a very difficult majority for him to govern unless he just chooses to go absolutely crazy with them,” Kinzinger said in reference to McCarthy. “In which case you may see the rise of the silent, non-existent moderate Republican that may still exist out there, but I don’t know.”

What we do know, is that Adam Kinzinger will continue his obsessive attack against all things Trump until he leaves office in January, if not for the rest of his bitter life. With that pleasant thought in mind, let’s take a stroll down RedState’s Adam Kinzinger Lane.

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