HOT TAKES: People on Left Are Furious at Joe Biden for Declaring Pandemic Over

Joe Biden announced that the “pandemic is over” during his “60 Minutes” interview that aired on Sunday night.

It’s been “over” for most of us for some time.

But as I reported earlier, that throws all of his mandates and state mandates into question, not to mention the legal justification for his student loan bailout. There was speculation that he was doing it to make things sound better before the election.

It’s now causing a meltdown on the left. So it may not have helped him with those on the left who still can’t let it go.

But perhaps the saddest reaction was from the people who are still living in the lockdown mentality. Now they’re perfectly free to do so, that’s the whole point of choice, which is something that so many in government denied to many of us for so long. But this is what the government reaction has wrought — people who have been locked up for more than two years: people who haven’t gone out to eat, haven’t shopped, haven’t gone anywhere. One woman said she felt after Biden’s comments there was no hope for high-risk people like her, that she’d been left to die or be trapped in isolation. Another said she felt so hopeless. A third said that going to Walmart would feel like a vacation at this point. This is what Democratic policies have done to these people.

Some even said they regretted their vote for Biden now that he had made this statement about the virus.

Then there were the leftists telling these folks the answer was “humane communities.”

Yeah, no, I’m thinking that’s the last thing anyone needs.

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