WATCH: WH Goes for the Word Salad Crown With Hilariously Bad Answer on Border

Joe Biden has left the border wide open, with hundreds of thousands of people flooding across it. But they’ve failed to address the problem. Indeed, they’ve acted like there wasn’t even any problem, with Kamala Harris even calling the border “secure” — just a patent lie.

Meanwhile, liberals were losing their minds on Thursday after Texas bused illegal aliens to Harris’ front door. On top of that, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard and they declared an emergency. That caused all kinds of meltdowns from people on the left who didn’t have any kind of problem with people flooding across the border-until they showed up in their Democratic backyards. Democrats didn’t give a darn when Joe Biden was shipping illegal aliens all over the country in the dark of night. It not only shows what hypocrites they are, but what leaving the border open is really about — flooding the red states.

So, when reporters asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if she thought that border was secure, you would have thought she would have had a lot of warning that the question was coming and plenty of time to come up with an intelligent answer. But the answer that she delivered was just so emblematic of the Biden Administration and how they respond to everything — like they have no idea what they are doing. This was something else. This may be even worse than the empty word salads of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. “Um, uh…..”

About the only thing I got out of that is that they think they are doing something if they throw money at it. How’s that been working so far? They’ve thrown money at everything and driven inflation wild.

The press secretary is supposed to be the one to clean up the poorly worded comments of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, not add to the mess with her incoherence and lies. But that’s the problem they have right now. No one in their administration is competent or willing to deliver an honest answer on any level. Add this to John Kirby’s comments when asked about China buying up land around our military installations. He said it wasn’t in his “swim lane” to be concerned about real estate. He’s the Coordinator for the National Security Council, and he ducks a response on such a serious threat? Of course, with questions about Biden being compromised by China, this kind of response only adds to that concern.

Jean-Pierre ultimately said that she agreed with the lie that the border was secure, but claimed there was “still more work to do.”

Then it isn’t secure, if people are flooding across. Even the people flooding across know this is a lie and say the border is open. But this is the Biden Administration — they’re just shameless liars at this point.

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