DOJ Tries to Rig the Game With Special Master Filing in Trump Case

The decision by Judge Aileen Cannon to appoint a special master in the case surrounding the raid of Donald Trump’s Florida home sent “legal analysts” into an apoplectic rage. Calls for her impeachment flowed while others suggested she had been paid off. Apparently, it is completely out of bounds for a judge to not do exactly what the DOJ wants. Who knew?

The response was especially ironic given prior attempts by the press to consider criticism of judges off limits when it suited them. As we learned from the Dobbs decision, though, it’s fine to protest and even threaten the lives of judges who flaunt the wants of the left. But if Donald Trump calls a partisan judge an “Obama judge,” well that’s just an attack on our democracy we can’t sustain. That makes sense, right?

Now, the process is moving forward to pick a special master, and the DOJ has made its requests. In a moment that is so perfectly on brand, their filing suggested one person from the SDNY and another from the DC Circuit, the two favorite jurisdictions of Democrats everywhere.

I want to focus on Barbara Jones specifically. Who is she? Well, she was the special master assigned in the Project Veritas case that essentially ended up with the DOJ getting everything they wanted. As RedState previously reported, the FBI viciously targeted James O’Keefe and his organization for possessing a diary that Ashley Biden, the daughter of the president, abandoned. In the end, the two people who first took the diary from the halfway house it was left in were forced to plead guilty.

As far as I can tell, the FBI has never previously gotten involved in cases involving abandoned diaries. Why did they do so in this case? Well, the contents were somewhat inconvenient for Joe Biden, to say the least, and given the outcome, does anyone reading this think it’s a coincidence that the DOJ wants Barbara Jones on the case again?

It doesn’t stop there, though. Jones was also the special master in another high-profile case you may have heard of: The Michael Cohen prosecution. Jones’ role in that instance specifically dealt with privileged information related to Donald Trump. Again, does anyone think it’s a coincidence the DOJ wants her to do the same thing regarding the documents seized in the Trump raid?

To make matters worse, the DOJ is also requesting that the special master, whoever it is, not even be allowed to review documents subject to classification or executive privilege.

Did you get all that? The DOJ doesn’t want the special master to have any say over the documents that are most in dispute, including those holding possible executive privilege, but it wants them sent to the NARA without question.

This is just a blatant attempt to rig the game, and don’t think this begins and ends with Trump. This is how the DOJ behaves in all its cases. The bloated federal law enforcement bureaucracy is so used to being given an unfair advantage by the courts that they don’t even attempt to hide how shameless their requests are. In this case, Judge Cannon appears to understand the game, though, and I suspect she won’t be appointing Barbara Jones to anything.

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