WH Mocked Into Next Week With Funniest Mistake About Nord Stream Pipeline

Let’s just admit some basic facts: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is not very good at her job. Unfortunately, when she’s nailed on questions, she’s just like Joe Biden, she can’t give any kind of a clear answer. When she does manage to provide an answer it’s often ridiculous and/or a lie.

It’s gotten worse as she’s tried to defend Joe Biden’s demonizing millions of Americans who want to make America great. She claimed that if you didn’t agree with the majority, you were an “extremist.” She also claimed Biden had the Marines at his despicable speech last Thursday because of his “respect” for them. She said Biden gave an important speech on “our values” that the military members “believe in as well.” That’s simply shameful, suggesting that the military would be on board with anything he said, particularly attacking millions of Americans who they are sworn to protect.

Jean-Pierre is so used to exaggerating to pump up Joe Biden’s lack of achievements that she even claimed that he had created “ten thousand million jobs.” She got roundly mocked for not knowing what she was talking about and saying Joe Biden created more jobs than there were people in the world. Of course, people going back to work after the pandemic isn’t Biden “creating jobs.” But this is just one more lie.

But Tuesday was a banner day for KJP. She not only got completely dissected by Fox’s Peter Doocy for her prior election denialism, but she revealed that she has no idea what she is talking about when it comes to the Nordstream pipeline.

Listen as she talks about Russia “weaponizing” the shutdown of “Nordstrom 1.”

Oh, my, wherever will KJP be able to get her nice clothes or oil if they shut down the Nordstrom pipeline? If Russia is shutting down Nordstrom, are they colluding against upper-middle-class women? Let’s call in Robert Mueller for several million dollars to find that hoax. But how will we be able to outfit ourselves for fall without Nordstrom?

As some people pointed out, here’s “Nordstrom 2” — the rack.

So maybe it’s a bad idea to be reliant on foreign oil from people who are your enemies or at least don’t have your best interests at heart? We see how Europe has now put itself in a bind because they were more concerned about leftist climate nonsense than about securing its energy independence. The Biden team should be taking a lesson from that. But instead, they don’t even know the difference between a pipeline and a clothing store.

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