Democrat Judge Teams up With Leftwing Nutters to Boot a Republican County Official From Office as an ‘Insurrectionist’

A New Mexico judge has permanently disqualified Otero County commissioner Couy Griffin from holding state or federal office because of a misdemeanor conviction of entering the Capitol grounds, but not the building, on January 6. The judge ruled that this violation was part of an insurrection as defined by the 14th Amendment, and as such, Mr. Griffin was ordered to be immediately removed from office. It goes without saying that the judge is a Democrat apparatchik, and Griffin is a Trump supporter and Republican.

This is just bullsh**.

Griffin has been an object of the left’s sex toys for a while. They tried to recall him over the “insurrection” horsecrap and couldn’t.

The feds demanded a 3-month sentence for walking outside the Capitol; the judge gave him 14-days. Was I calling the shots, I’d impeach this judge for being stupid and a patsy for the left, but I’m not.

Now an AstroTurf group and a compliant and complicit state judge have forced Griffin from office.

A state judge can’t declare a national insurrection existed nearly two years ago when the federal government itself never made such a declaration. No federal troops were deployed on January 6, which is sort of a hint that a state of insurrection did not take place. None of the January 6 political prisoners are charged with fomenting or participating in an insurrection. I seriously doubt that a state judge could declare an insurrection in New Mexico, much less in Washington, DC. The executive has the power to decide that civil authority has broken down and that a state of insurrection exists; no judge anywhere has that power. A state judge can’t disqualify anyone from seeking federal office. It just can’t be done. For the “insurrection” gambit to work at the federal level, the Supreme Court would eventually have to hold that a covert insurrection took place on January 6 that the federal government missed. IANAL and definitely not an authority on New Mexico law, but the ruling leads one to believe that this is a typical ruling in a Democrat-run state where the law is used to coddle criminals and punish political opponents.

This whole case is a clown car. The action to remove Griffin from office was not brought by the state attorney general or anyone in government. Instead, a couple of rando progressives were recruited by the ongoing RICO violation that is the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). The very fact the case was heard indicates the degree to which the decision was preordained. The fact that Griffin elected to ignore the risk and defend himself suggests that he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The longer this January 6 nonsense drags out, the more I’m convinced that the next Republican president’s top priority must be hounding from public employment and public life anyone who has pushed this insurrection hogwash. I mean that every low-level FBI agent or federal marshal that served a January 6 warrant and every DOJ employee who participated in the January 6 prosecutions needs to be driven from employment. In addition, GOP governors need to be just as ruthless in going after state officials who keep this crap alive…Brian Kemp, I’m looking at you. Until we demonstrate that we will not tolerate this kind of lawfare, we will be targets of it forever. The only way to defeat it is to make the experience professionally, personally, and financially devastating for anyone who played a role, no matter how small.

Hopefully, some public interest law group will launch an appeal on Griffin’s behalf, assuming that is possible, but I fear we’re stuck with this decision.

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