TX Buses Illegals to DC Despite Mayor’s Pleas for Help

As you know, our southern border with Mexico has been overrun with illegals. Thanks to Democratic President Joe Biden’s lack of accountability and open-border policies, southern states like Texas and Arizona are seeing swarms of migrants take over their communities, crowding neighborhoods where there already aren’t enough resources and making life untenable for residents.

You likely also know that leaders from those states have countlessly contacted Biden and his administration to either change policies or at least get some additional help. And yet, Biden has pretty much ignored their requests, leaving them to deal with the ongoing and ever-rising problems on their own.

In an attempt to be heard, governors from both Texas and Arizona have begun sending buses of illegal immigrants to Washington, DC., with the idea that perhaps Biden and his cronies will be more sympathetic to their cause if they visibly see the problem. At the very least, politicians in DC might get tired of seeing the situation and decide to act.

Of course, DC Mayor and staunch liberal Muriel Bowser isn’t there yet. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t feeling the effects of the countless illegals now roaming her streets.

While interviewing for CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday, she explained that the incoming buses of migrants have become a big problem for her. And CBS host Margaret Brennan confirmed that by citing a few reports attesting that DC’s homeless shelters are being overrun with these illegals.

But it’s clear that 1) she doesn’t really understand the problem, and 2) she’s trying to point the blame anywhere but where it deserves.

As Bowser said, “This is a very significant issue. We have for sure called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on buses.”

Now, to be sure, a growing homeless population is indeed a significant issue, and it needs to be dealt with. Even asking for federal help for such isn’t a bad idea. The problem doesn’t start with Texas Governor Greg Abbott putting migrants on buses, however.

It starts far before that. Like when Joe Biden pretty much invited illegal immigrants to “come” back in 2020 while he was campaigning for president and again shortly after he had won the White House. It started when he decided that borders were unimportant and stopped building the wall. It began when he reversed Trump’s policies, keeping migration down at much more manageable numbers.

And it’s been ongoing in Biden’s efforts to assist these illegal migrants before that of US-born citizens. For instance, while we were all being forced to vaccinate and stay home, Biden’s migrants were boarded onto buses, trains, and even airplanes without documentation, vaccines, or even a COVID test and sent to communities all over the US.

Or what about how during the height of the baby formula crisis, the only places stocked up were border migrant stores – provided by Biden, of course.

States like Texas and Arizona are tired of getting trampled on by Biden’s poor decisions. And so he’s taking the problem to them.

Abbott said in April, “By busing migrants to Washington DC, the Biden administration will be able to more immediately meet the needs of the people they are allowing to cross our border. Texas should not have to bear the burden of the Biden administration’s failure to secure our border.”

And he’s not wrong.

Texas will, unfortunately, never get away from dealing with the problems of border security in some form or another, just due to their location. However, that doesn’t mean our leaders should just leave those states to those problems. After all, border security is a national issue.

As such, that makes it Biden’s job to handle. But, of course, he’s not.

Perhaps, if buses of illegals continue to fill the streets and communities of Washington, DC, where Biden and his staff are much more likely to come into contact with them, the ongoing flow of migrants might finally be seen as a problem.

Clearly, Democrats like Muriel Bowser aren’t to that point yet. Instead, she’s alleging that people are being ‘tricked’ onto buses, despite evidence to the contrary.

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