POTUS in a Bicycle Accident

Source: Screenshot via Twitter / @dhookstead

Even though President Joe Biden didn’t have any public events scheduled on Saturday while enjoying a long weekend at his beach house in Delaware, he still made the news early in the morning when he fell off his bicycle…right in front of a bunch of cameras. 

No, it isn’t the pilot episode of Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing — it’s just another day in the Biden administration.

Video shows the president and first lady riding their bikes on a trail in Rehoboth Beach, then coming to a stop where local residents had gathered for a chance to see the president and first lady out for a morning ride. 

But when Biden goes to plant his feet in order to steady his bicycle, he either forgets or fails to take his right foot out of the pedal when he tried to put it on the ground, and therefore topples him and his bike to the pavement. 

Much like any historic presidential moment, there are multiple pieces of footage to review. Angle one is to the side and slightly behind Biden:

Angle two is in front of the president with a clear view of his failure to get his foot out of the pedal:

The U.S. Secret Service and bystanders quickly rushed to aid the fallen president and right him and the bicycle, and Biden can be heard saying “I’m good,” which is more than most Americans can say of their budgets at this point in his administration.

It may seem, in the midst of so many crises, silly to point out that Biden fell off his bike. But the mainstream media, liberals, and even Joe Biden’s campaign made the fitness of a president dependent on such things as being able to ride a bike. As such, it’s important to stick to the standards the liberal media and Joe Biden have set before us. 

Here’s a Biden campaign ad trying to say that because Biden can ride a bike and run up a ramp, he’s more qualified to be president than Donald Trump:

And here’s on-the-ropes Brian Stelter emphasizing Joe Biden’s ability to ride a bicycle as supposedly definitive proof that he possesses the skills necessary to lead America and the free world:

What say you now, Brian?

Biden’s somewhat metaphoric tumble happened as the wheels continue to come off his administration. West Wing departures have become a weekly press briefing segment, inflation is running hotter than it has in four decades. Gas prices have never been this high. The stock market is tanking. The U.S. economy appears to be barreling toward a recession. Plus, a broken supply chain, formula shortages, and an energy crisis are just some of the Biden woes hitting Americans. 

But Biden continues to buzz up to his Delaware homes for nice long weekends, apart from falling off his bike, as two-thirds of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. 

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