AG Garland Under Amplified Pressure to Enforce Federal Law Prohibiting Picketing Outside Justices’ Homes

Attorney General Merrick Garland is under increasing pressure to enforce Federal Law that prohibits Picketing outside of the Homes of Supreme Court Judges for Influencing Decisions.

Federal U.S. Code 1507 states that anyone “picketing or marching” within close proximity of U.S. courts or “near any residence owned by such judge or juror witness or court officer” will be subject to a fine or both.

Protests are allowed as long as they remain peaceful. Protesters have been encouraged to demonstrate outside the residences of Supreme Court justices, due to the leakage of the abortion decision. Garland’s DOJ has yet to bring charges against the people who attacked the residences of justices, even after the attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Critics find it difficult to understand the intransigent DOJ approach.

Former Trump administration Attorney General Bill Barr stated that the law was clear and that protests at the residence of a Judge in order to influence them is a federal crime.

Barr stated in an email that the Administration’s claims about supporting the First Amendment were false.

He stated, “Demonstrations that violate the statute are invalid First Amendment activities.”

Judicial Crisis Network was a conservative legal group that sided with the former Attorney General. The protests were illegal and picketing at justice’s residents could cause impartial court decision-making.

Carrie Severino, executive director of Judicial Crisis Network, stated that federal law prohibits pickets or parades in front of a judge’s residence. This also applies to those trying to influence a Judge. Merrick Garland refuses to enforce the law despite protestors gathering at the residences of justices.

Capitol Hill also is interested in the DOJ’s response to protests at justice’s homes.

Garland was called “a hack partisan” by Senator Tom Cotton, R. Ark. He was forced to resign for not performing his duty.

“A Democratic hitman attempted to kill Justice Kavanaugh’s family”. Cotton claimed that left-wing street militias made the same threat to Justice Kavanaugh. Merrick Garland didn’t stop the intimidation, which is clearly a violation of federal law.

“His primary job is to enforce the law, and he has failed totally,” the Republican senator continued. “If he won’t resign, then we’ll impeach him once Republicans control the Congress in January. Either way, he is finished.”

The DOJ did not reply when we requested their comment regarding the situation.

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