Climate Change Protester Ties Herself to Net During French Open Semifinal 

A climate change protester interrupted the French Open semifinal match between Casper Ruud and Marin Čilić by rushing the court and tying herself to the net on Friday. 

“We’ve got an interloper on the court,” the commentator said as the protester stormed the court. “Security in black sport coats is out to protect.”

The woman reportedly used a necklace to tie herself onto the net while donning a shirt that read “We have 1028 days left.” Her shirt also referenced a website that reportedly provided more insight into the reason for her protest. 

“Today, I entered the field because I can no longer take the risk of doing nothing in the face of the climate emergency,” a screenshot from the website reportedly said.

The woman’s protest interrupted the tennis match for approximately 15 minutes.

Rudd, the match’s eventual winner, admitted the woman’s protest was “a bit scary,”

“It was a bit scary honestly and I didn’t know what was going on,” Rudd said. “It seemed she had tied herself and had something around her neck and they couldn’t get rid of her. I didn’t see the T-shirt and what she protested about.”

The young woman purchased a valid ticket to the game, according to the French tennis federation.

“An environmental activist managed to get onto Philippe Chatrier Court and attached herself to the net with metal wires and glue. The young woman, of French nationality, entered the grounds with a valid ticket early in the day. She was then handed over to the police,” the federation said in a statement.

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