Mother Handcuffed by Police in Uvalde Speaks out, Dropping A Bombshell

Details of the inept police response to the Uvalde school shooting began to leak out in the days following. We also covered the delaying entry to the school. This was only after Border Patrol agents refused to obey orders to neutralize the shooter. A shocking revelation was the fact that parents who begged law enforcement to allow them into the school were subdued and, in some cases, handcuffed, and tased.

A woman broke free to rescue her children and made headlines. Now she is speaking out. Angeli Gomez also makes a scathing accusation against the police.

The mom that ran in and saved her kids after being handcuffed in Uvalde finally spoke out.

— barbarism critic (luxury gay space communist arc) (@SxarletRed) June 3, 2022

Gomez describes an alarming scene in which police placed her in handcuffs as she asked to enter the school to pick up her children. After being let out of the handcuffs, she ran and entered the school. After finding her children in the chaos, she fled.

The mother also claims that she could hear gunshots coming from outside the building while her children were inside it. This contradicts the police’s claim that all victims died within a matter of minutes. This is why they didn’t storm the classroom immediately.

Gomez’s tale didn’t end here. This is where it gets really frustrating. She claims that someone from the police called her following the shooting and threatened to accuse her of obstruction of justice if they failed to address their failings to her.

CBS News: the mom in Uvalde who police handcuffed, and who ran into the school to rescue her children, says that law enforcement called her with a threat: if she talked to the media about the police response she would face an obstruction of justice charge

— Hamza Shaban (@hshaban) June 4, 2022

This story keeps getting worse. I don’t know why any prosecutor or law enforcement official would threaten a mother trying to save her children and tell the truth about what happened that morning. But I know that the person responsible for this must be fired immediately. This kind of abuse of power is not acceptable, even if it was done to cover up the police’s cowardice and malfeasance.

Gomez should be able to identify the person she spoke to. This cannot be ignored. The situation must be rethought. A lot of the police on the scene, from the top to the ranks and the command, must be disciplined for the failures of that day. Children were killed who would have been alive today if they had not acted. They should have stormed the school and threatened parents instead of handcuffing them.

We learn more about the fact that obsessing about guns will not stop these murders. Law enforcement that does their job will help to stop or limit these killings.

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