DeSantis Demonstrates How to Provide Affordable Housing Plans

Ron DeSantis continues to prove that he has creative ways to help those within the state of Florida. And when he takes action, he shows up Biden.

President Biden can’t seem to figure out how to improve life for Americans. Part of this has to do with the fact that he prioritizes everyone before the legal citizens of the country. And people are paying dearly for those policy decisions.

The governor of Florida doesn’t want to put anyone first except for Floridians – and it shows.

As countless people struggle to afford housing across the state and the country, DeSantis steps in to help – at least help those within his state.

DeSantis is currently acting on a proposed state budget that involves a $100 million program that will help people buy homes. Among those who will get help include police officers, healthcare workers, and teachers.

Housing costs are soaring around the Sunshine State – and many are finding that homes are worth $100,000 or more than they were two years ago. This can be difficult for many to find affordable housing, let alone qualify for a mortgage.

During a news conference, DeSantis spoke at the Cape Coral Police Department about the “Hometown Heroes” program that would make it easier for people to live in or near the communities that they serve every day.

The governor explained, “It really matters if they can afford to have a home here and live in the community and shop in the same store…and see everybody than if you have to commute from, like, far away, just because 45 minutes away maybe is where you can find a home that’s affordable to you.”

The state is using its money wisely, which is more than we can say for the federal government.

There is $209 million currently allocated to the State Housing Initiative Partnership program, commonly referred to as SHIP. The $100 million for this program would come out of this. It would make it easier for affordable housing to be achieved.

Now, most people who would qualify for the Hometown Heroes program will have to wait. If it is approved, the money wouldn’t become available until July 1, which is when the new fiscal year starts.

Essentially, it would allow borrowers to obtain up to 5 percent, with a cap of $25,000, which can be used on such things as closing costs and down-payment assistance. This would also be limited to first mortgage loans.

Executive Director Trey Price of the Florida Housing Finance Corp explained, “Hometown Heroes is the highest-income eligible program we’ll be offering, which will allow more hard-working middle-class families to take advantage of these resources.”

Notice what he said? These are for hard-working families who are in the middle class.

Too many of the federal programs are limited to low-income families, many of whom stay home rather than work hard. It means that DeSantis is actually looking out for those who work their butts off only to find that they still can’t afford to buy a home.

There are a number of other things in the works across Florida to make it easier for people to find affordable housing, complete with modifying some of the property tax exemptions.

Now, if only the Biden administration would take a page out of Florida’s playbook, we might be able to see similar programs roll out across the country. You know, maybe give people an incentive to work hard instead of mooching off the system?

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