Biden Doesn’t Have A View On Whether Protesters Should Pressure Supreme Court Justices

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, reiterated Friday that President Biden has no opinion about the use of protests in order to influence Supreme Court opinions.

Psaki spoke in a press conference Friday and stated that Biden believes “peaceful protests” but did not endorse any attempts to press the Supreme Court. Psaki stated that the president believes in the separation of power in government and that he is careful not to overstep his boundaries.

“The president believes peaceful protests are a good thing. Psaki stated that he believes peaceful protests are part of American democracy. He also recognizes and appreciates the independence and role of the third branch, which is the Justice Department. The role and responsibilities of the Supreme Court, as well as their roles.

So I would not say that he holds a particular view. She said that he believes in peaceful protests but that they will make their own decisions and she would not pre-judge them.

Later, Psaki stated that it was “our preference” for the final opinion to not “look like a leaked opinion.”

According to Justice Samuel Alito’s unprecedented leak of a draft opinion, the Supreme Court is set to uphold Roe v. Wade.

Politico obtained the draft leak in February. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the draft had been rewritten or modified. The Court declined to confirm or deny the document. Analysts believe the leak could be an attempt to force a Supreme Court justice into changing his or her vote in the pivotal case.

In a speech Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts described the leak of a court opinion that overturned Roe v. Wade as “absolutely appalling”. He dismissed any doubt that the leak would have an impact on the Supreme Court’s final decision.

Roberts stated, “A leakage of this stature would be absolutely appalling.” “If someone behind it believes that it will impact our work, that is just stupid.”

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