Biden’s Advisers Weigh Making Midterms About Trump Again

According to reports, President Biden’s advisors are considering a midterm strategy that focuses on Donald Trump’s unlikely return via Twitter.

The “no comprehensive, finalized strategy for the midterms” criticism of the advisers has led to some concern that they may again campaign against Donald Trump. When they last focused their campaign on Trump, Democrats lost November.

Trump stated publicly that he would not return to Twitter if Elon Musk allowed him to be reinstated to the platform. “I’m not going to Twitter, but I will stay on TRUTH. Trump stated to Fox News that Elon will buy Twitter and make improvements. He is a great man. But I’m going to be sticking with TRUTH.”

However, Democrats are still struggling to overcome Biden’s 40-year-high inflation rate and invasion of the southern border, so many advisers think that distracting voters by focusing on Trump could yield political results, Politico reported.

Trump’s purchase by Elon Musk of Twitter opened up the possibility that he could be reinstated on the social media platform. He had more than 80million followers before being banned following the Jan. 6 riot. Musk said that he would allow Trump’s return. However, while Trump claims he does not want to go back, the White House doesn’t believe him.

Biden aides agree that Trump’s return could be a win-win situation. Although the former president could consume an incredible amount of political oxygen it is possible that he will push the Big Lie, or fight with fellow Republicans and hurt the GOP’s otherwise strong chances at regaining at least one House of Congress. Many in Biden’s orbit believe that Trump’s election will increase the Democrats’ chances of winning the next election.

Trump is our greatest ally,” Saul Shorr (a Democrat media consultant) told the Washington Post. “He won’t allow Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, or anyone else to determine the future of Republican Party. He wants to be the one who decides whether he will run again.

The Democrats seem to be singing a completely different tune than November when they were beaten in many state and local races, including Virginia’s governorship race. Democrats acknowledged that Trump’s defeats were a failure after a string of losses across the country.

Dean Phillips, a Democratic Representative from Minnesota, stated that “As long Donald Trump is a former President, I believe Democrats have a responsibility for looking more towards the future.”

Sean McElwee is the executive director of Data For Progress and told The Daily Beast that Trump-centric politics is not always a winning strategy.

McElwee stated that Trump is an unpopular and polarizing figure. He also said that it was a playbook that has worked well for a long period of time. “But last night showed that there are ways for Republicans not to be inoculated against it.”

Despite Trump’s absence, Democrats seem to lack a strategy to counter the red wave. The Post reported that there was no single document that would outline the president’s participation in key races or a message that will carry the party to November.

The Post stated that Democratic strategists believe the White House is still moving slowly and remains disorganized in advance of the midterms when many Democrats fear losing control of the House.

Politico predicted that Republicans would dominate the midterms, reclaiming the House of Representatives and the Senate in April. David Wasserman, a redistricting expert, senior editor at the Cook Political Report, believes that Republicans will enjoy a significant advantage in the midterms, based on his own experience.

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