Twitter Employees Still Flooding Democrats With 99% Of Their Donations For Midterm Elections

Filings reveal that Twitter employees continue to funnel 99 percent of their political donations into Democratic campaigns and committees for midterm elections.

The partisan nature of donations from Twitter employees illustrates the difficult battle Elon Musk faces. He has promised to keep the company “politically impartial” to maintain trust.

Federal Election Commission records reveal that 1225 donations were disbursed by individuals working for the social media giant through ActBlue, Democrats’ central fundraising platform. This totals $72,296, according to Federal Election Commission records.

According to filings, only ten donations were made by Twitter employees through WinRed’s fundraising platform for $505 between March 1 and March 31.

Twitter employees are still contributing 99 percent to Democratic campaigns and committees at an astronomical pace with just six months left until the 2022 election.

Musk stated Wednesday that he hopes the company will be able to move to the center of the political spectrum. Musk wrote on Twitter that Twitter must be politically neutral in order to earn public trust. This effectively means it must not upset the far right or far left equally.

Fox News previously reported that Dan Gainor, Media Research Center, stated that these companies are overwhelmingly liberal and pro-Democratic from the top. They contribute to Democratic causes at the top. They contribute in large numbers to Democratic causes at the bottom.”

The board of directors of Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s offer of $44 billion for the company Monday. They also lavished Democrats with tens and thousands of dollars in recent elections according to the New York Post.

Republican lawmakers celebrated Musk’s purchase. They frequently criticize Twitter’s biased censorship and censorship of right-leaning accounts.

After the announcement, Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican Senator, tweeted that Twitter openly censored speech based upon political ideologies and made a mockery our Constitutional liberties.

Cruz stated that “If Elon Musk can change that to actually protect free speech, and encourage open discussion, Twitter’s full potential is unlocked.”

Democrats argue that the platform isn’t biased against conservatives, however.

Paul M. Barrett is a liberal columnist who wrote a column this week for The Hill stating that it was “odd” Republicans criticize Twitter for censorship even though they enjoy “high levels” of engagement and popularity on Twitter.

Barrett acknowledged that a new study found Twitter censors conservative accounts more often than liberals. According to the study’s authors, Barrett justified his findings by stating that conservatives are more likely to spread misinformation.

During the 2020 election, one of the most notable cases of Twitter bias was.

The New York Post published a groundbreaking story about Hunter Biden’s laptop just weeks before the election. Twitter and Facebook quickly reacted to the story by preventing it from being shared. Twitter threatened to delete Hunter Biden tweets and locked the Post’s Twitter account.

Twitter famously banned Donald Trump from Twitter after January 6, 2021. However, the outlet still allows controversial figures to tweet, including dictators or users who have been accused of murder.

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  1. I have to laugh when Democrats state they are NOT BIAS!! That’s the Mental Truth in their Creepy Slime Ball Minds.
    I guess “MISINFORMATION” makes these Gated Community Politicians & GOONS FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES!!
    Lies make LIARS feel at home with the HYPOCRITES, DEBBIE DOWNERS, SHALLOW ALS that are seeping their UNTRUTHS in SHEEPLE’S MINDS!

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