Black Lives Matters Truck Vandalized In Portland

A local report claims that a truck belonging to Black Life Matters was vandalized in Portland, Oregon, overnight. The vandalism cost the owners upwards of $50,000.

Charles Preston is the BLM Trucking supervisor. He explained to FOX 12 that the venture was launched in late 2021 to create work and keep young men from getting into trouble.

It’s part of the Golden Opportunity Youth Association and delivers for companies like Amazon and Western Pacific.

Timothy Luther McNair founder said that he and Preston left their truck at a Safety on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard on Thursday night. The truck was vandalized and torched along with profanity spray-painted on its sides.

Preston described it as “a dagger in the heart”

McNair told the station that the window was cracked and it was impossible for him to see through. ”

They calculated that they would have to spend between $40 and $50,000 to recover their losses in the next three months.

McNair says FOX 12 that, despite his setback, he doesn’t feel resentful towards those responsible.

The company set up a GoFundMe account to help it recover its losses. By Tuesday afternoon, the account had raised more than $3,500 towards reaching its $50,000 goal.

According the organizer of this page, it wasn’t the first vandalism to a truck.

According to the organizer, the storm damage would have a devastating effect on the non-profit. It could cost them upwards of $50,000. ”

Fox News reached out the Portland Police Department to comment on the vandalism. Portland’s City Council reduced its police department by $15 Million in July 2020. Despite this, the city has increased its funding because of the rise in crime across the country.

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