White House Gets Caught in Another Lie About Harris

If you hadn’t figured out, Washington can’t seem to get itself straight on the current CDC guidelines and mask regulations, even though it is our national leaders there who influence such rules.

And now, their lack of respect for those rules and the American people in general just got them into some rather hot water… again.

As you well know, the White House just celebrated a rather “historical” moment this past week, with the confirmation of the first African American woman to the Supreme Court. And as this woman just happens to be of the liberal variety, there was much to do about it.

Naturally, this included the participation of Vice President Kamala Harris, also a first of both her race and gender.

The only problem is that, as usual, Harris didn’t follow the rules she’s helped to put in place and enforce. Basically, she didn’t wear her mask.

Gasp, I know, it’s such a tragedy… not.

Like most of the American people, I care very little if someone is wearing a facial mask these days. If they choose to for their own or others’ safety, that is up to them, just like it is up to me whether or not I get vaccinated.

The problem comes when those who claim they are following the rules and have even helped create them don’t. And according to the CDC’s current signage on the issue, Harris was definitely supposed to be wearing her mask.

The other problem is that the White House not once but twice lied about whether or not Harris did or didn’t follow the rules.

You see, on Wednesday, it was reported by The Hill that Harris’ communications director had tested positive for COVID. And that means that Harris had been exposed. Now, she no longer has to quarantine as we once did. But she does have to wear her “well-fitting mask around others for 10 days from the date of your last close contact with someone with COVID.”

That means that any time Harris is not in the comfort of her own home and immediate family, she should be wearing a mask, at least until Saturday, the 16th.

And according to her office, she promised to do just that. As her press secretary, Kirsten Allen, said in a statement, “The Vice President will follow CDC guidance for those that have been in close contact with a positive individual and will continue to consult with her physician.” However, she also noted that this wouldn’t stop Harris from continuing with “her public schedule.”

Ok, great.

And yet, on Thursday, the very next day, Harris presided over the voting process that confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in the Senate – all without a mask.

This comes on the same very same day that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about Harris being required to wear a mask around others, as well as indoors.

Naturally, Psaki’s response was that Harris would “follow CDC protocols in any of her events.”

Only she already hadn’t. Lie one.

Then on Friday, when at least two celebrations occurred in honor of Jackson’s confirmation, Harris again didn’t wear a mask. One was outdoors, meaning she technically didn’t have to, that is, if she hadn’t been exposed just days before to a positive COVID case.

But right before that, there had been a more private celebration/meet indoors. Again, Harris didn’t wear her mask, as pictures of the event show.

Of course, Psaki lied about this, too.

When asked about it by Fox News’ Peter Doocey, she said, “I will tell you that the vice president has been wearing a mask inside. When there was a private greet, they were all wearing masks before they went out.”

As I said, pictures prove otherwise.

So Psaki altered her statement. When the truth was out on Monday, Psaki said, “It was an emotional day. It was a historic day, and there were moments when she was not wearing a mask inside, including in a photo. But she was wearing it 99.9 percent of the time.”

Right… And we are just supposed to believe you, you know, now that you’ve lied to us multiple times?

I think not.

No wonder we can’t trust anything that’s coming out of the White House or the CDC these days.

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