Texas Begins Dispatching Buses To The Border To Transport Illegal Immigrants To DC

This week, Gov. Greg Abbott declared that he would send illegal immigrants from Texas to Washington, D.C.
In the last 24 hours, the Texas Division of Emergency Management dispatched unspecified amounts of buses to Texas communities. Officials suspect that the government is sending a flood of migrants to Texas.

TDEM can also send as many buses and trucks as needed to fulfill the needs of the mayors or county judges.
Christensen said that most areas of the state concerned by illegal immigrants living in their community are now saying that they have stopped dropping them off in their towns since Abbott’s announcement.

He stated, “From Terrell County to the Rio Grande Valley, a large number community that originally reached out for assistance through the operation have now declared that the federal government had not dropped migrants in their communities after Wednesday’s announcement by the governor. ”

Christensen said that every bus had the “capacity to transport up 40 migrants.” ”

Abbott said Wednesday that the state would send migrants to the United States Capitol. The Biden administration will be able to address the immediate needs of the migrants they have allowed into the United States.

W. W. To comply with Abbott’s directive, he stated that his agency would use “as many buses as necessary”.

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