Kamala Harris Panned For Offering Word Salad At WH Event With Jamaican Prime Minister

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, was once again viral for comments she made at a White House event with Andrew Holness, Jamaica’s Prime Minister.

Harris and Holness spoke about relations between the U.S.A. and Jamaica during Wednesday’s event and shared highlights from their discussion.

The vice president was unable to explain to the nation how the U.S. would help it from the adverse effects of the pandemic.

Harris stated that the pandemic has been identified as an economic issue in Jamaica just like it was in the United States. “So, to that end, today we also announce that we will help Jamaica with COVID recovery. We will also assist in terms of recovery efforts in Jamaica that have been essential for, I believe, strengthening not only the public health issue but also the economy.”

“Ok seriously, are she punching us?” Abigail Marone (press secretary for Sen. Josh Hawley), R-Mo. asked, “Like it must be a joke here.”

“This is the definition for word salad. David Martosko, Daily Mail TV, said it was almost word goulash.

She reminds me of a student in college who didn’t do the reading but wanted to talk a lot about it in class. He/she always believed he/she was cleverly fooling everyone. Buck Sexton, a radio host, wrote that nobody was fooled.

Actor Nick Searcy tweeted, “It’s really hard to believe what @vp is,”

Substack writer Jim Treacher stated, “I’m telling her, she speaks with predictive text.”

Matt Walsh, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh stated that “She is truly among the greatest orators of our times.”

“It’s time to stop doing what we’ve been doing. That time comes every day. Harris stated to NBC News that every day is a good time to acknowledge the fact that we have tools and resources available to us.

“Ukraine can be described as a country in Europe. It is located next to Russia. Russia is a larger country. Russia is a powerful nation. Russia invaded Ukraine, a smaller country. “So basically, that’s not right,” Harris stated in an exaggerated explanation of Russia-Ukraine conflict on a radio program.

We were all walking around the library and discussing the importance of the passage time. So, when you think about it the passage time has great significance in terms of what we have to do to lay these wires and what we need do to create these jobs. The passage of time is so significant when we consider the day in the lives of our children,” the vice-president said during a recent Louisiana visit.

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