California Preschoolers’ Anti-Biden Chant Enrages Parents

California mother was furious after seeing video of her daughter and preschool students shouting that President Biden should be removed. According to a video posted on school messaging app, “Who’s our President?” a Turning Point Christian School preschool teacher asked the students.

“Biden”, the students replied, KABC reported. “What are we going to do with him?” The teacher was curious. The students replied in unison, “We want him out,” twice.

According to reports, the incident occurred on February 18, just before President’s Day. Social media has seen a video that appears to show the incident, with the faces of the children blurred out.

Christina McFadden, a mother, stated that she was “just in shock” at the video and called the school.

McFadden stated to KTLA that McFadden was indoctrinating students. McFadden stated that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they choose, but my daughter was not given this opportunity. Even at her age, I doubt she is able to comprehend enough to make an informed choice about who and what she should believe.

The mom said that her daughter first told me, “We want him out,” when she picked her up. That was the amazing message she received that day. This was her first lesson in history.

After McFadden expressed her disgust, officials removed the video and sent a message to school communities stating that the video didn’t conform to the school’s “philosophy” of respecting and honoring authority, even those in government positions.

“We apologize for any confusion this (sic) could have caused. “With courtesy to the families on our campus and the children in my classroom, I ask you to not share the video with others.” The message was repeated by KABC.

McFadden stated that the teacher in the video was spoken with and was “repentant” but it is not clear if she was reprimanded.

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