GOP Senators Slam White House For Working With Russia On Iran Deal

During Wednesday’s press conference, a group of Republican senators attacked President Biden and criticized him for working alongside Russia to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin is causing chaos and bloodshed in Ukraine.

While flanked by several Republican senators, Texas Senator Cruz stated that the Iran Deal, if it is announced, would be a huge win for Vladimir Putin. “Because of the Biden administration’s eagerness to tell Putin, and tell the Ayatollah, course we will have an accord for Iran deal with Russia sanctions, which means Putin will make billions of dollars in oil and gas transactions and nuclear transactions.”

Cruz stated that the Biden administration “incoherently,” announcing sanctions against Russia, while simultaneously “creating massive subsidies for Russia which “makes absolutely no sense.”

During the press conference, Republican Senator Jim Risch stated emphatically that “This is wrong and we should walk.” This doesn’t have to be done now, especially when there are Ukrainian problems. We should all walk.

Risch said, “Mr. President,” while shaking his head and slamming his hands on the podium. “Don’t let them negotiate for you, just walk on this deal.

Republican Senator Joni Ernst stated during the press conference she does not understand Biden’s foreign policies and called working with Russia to reach an Iran nuclear agreement “insane”.

Ernst stated that Russia is the country where tanks are currently running over Ukraine, killing innocent civilians. “Children and women, people we care about, yet they’re using these Russians to negotiate with another of our near-peer enemies, Iran.”

Sen. Tom Barrasso sided with Ernst, Risch, and Cruz. He also criticized the administration’s cooperation with Russia in the deal, while Russia invades Ukraine.

The Wyoming Republican stated that it was the Russians who were conducting the negotiations for the United States. You can see the Russians’ activities in Ukraine if you turn on the radio or TV. We can’t allow them to negotiate for us.

The Republicans also criticized President Biden’s “working with our enemies” around the world to ease the Russian disruption of oil markets, rather than opening up American energy production.

“What we have are an administration that would rather deal internationally with killers than American drillers,” Senator Bill Hagerty stated. This, my friends must stop. We could stop it tomorrow. We just need the administration to clearly state that they are going to reopen Keystone XL. We’re going back into the energy business. We will be energy independent again. We’re going to eliminate the enormous influence Vladimir Putin has over the American economy.

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