Vice President Kamala Harris Stumbles Yet Again On The World Stage

Kamala Harris, Vice President of Kamala Harris, stated that sanctions against Russia would deter President Vladimir Putin, despite President Biden’s assertion to the contrary. Harris spoke with reporters amid fears about a Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Harris said that Russia’s economy would suffer serious damage if Harris was right.

The Ukrainian President pleaded with America to immediately impose sanctions against Russia — before any possible invasion of Ukraine takes place – her comments were a result.

At the security conference, Zelenskyy said that “we don’t need your Sanctions following the bombardment will occur” or “after we won’t have any borders or have an economy or parts occupied” “Why would they require these sanctions?” ”

Harris was asked by the reporter if she thought that sanctions would discourage Putin despite the fact that the president had made a decision about Ukraine.

Harris stated that the White House believes that the Allied relationship is so strong that the deterrence effect remains a significant one. We still wish there was a diplomatic solution to this situation, especially since — keep in mind, too — we are still hopeful. ”

Russian-backed rebels contributed to the increase in shelling in Ukraine on Sunday. Putin currently has over 150,000 Russian troops at Ukraine’s border. He was also responsible for recent tests of nuclear-capable missiles.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated Sunday that Russia appeared to be preparing an invasion of Ukraine in light of the current troop buildup.

Stoltenberg stressed that it was important to change course in order to avoid an armed attack. The secretary general however noted that European security has entered a new normal.

Harris was questioned by security personnel on Sunday about U.S. plans to “disengage” from the conflict following the imposition of sanctions and possible military action.

Harris stated, “Harris doesn’t believe we are entangled” and that his goal was to align himself with our allies.

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