Republican Glenn Youngkin Sworn In As Governor Of Virginia

Republican Glenn Youngkin was elected the next governor for Virginia on Saturday. He delivered a positive message about empowering parents and overcoming COVID-19 and providing economic relief for families and businesses that have been hard hit by inflation and the pandemic.

“We are proud to celebrate freedom!” Youngkin spoke to thunderous applause shortly after taking the oath.

Virginia’s new governor, 74, spoke outside the Capitol in Richmond to tell Virginians of better times ahead.

“The spirit and energy of Virginia are alive and well,” Youngkin stated that together, we will strengthen it. “Together, we’ll renew Virginia’s promise, so it can be the best place for a family to live, work, and raise a child.”

Youngkin, a former executive in private equity and political novice beat the Democratic former governor Terry McAuliffe, and won the November election to turn the swing state red. This race was closely watched. He is the first Republican governor since 2014.

Youngkin offered an olive branch to Democrats Saturday, saying: “Regardless of who you voted for,”

Youngkin, who rallied voters on issues such as race and education, stated that children must attend school “five days per week” and should not be subject to political teachings. This was in reference to a campaign promise to ban critical race theory education.

Youngkin stated that politics will be removed from the classroom and that they will re-focus on math, science, and reading. “And we will teach every aspect of our history, the good and the ugly.” He stated that parents should be able to influence what is taught at school.

Youngkin stated, “To parents, I say that we respect you.” “And we will empower your education of your children.”

Youngkin, on coronavirus, paid tribute to all those who had died and the first responders who were at the frontlines of the pandemic. Youngkin stated that he believed modern medicine and individual freedom would help Virginia get out of the COVID-19 crisis.

Youngkin stated that despite the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19, he sees a way forward. “Not to a pessimistic new norm, but to a better day.”

Youngkin stated that he would suspend the recent gasoline tax increase for one year and eliminate the grocery taxes to reduce the high cost of living. Youngkin stated that he would reduce regulations, create 400,000 new jobs, and get all Virginians “back to work.” He stated that he would like to increase teacher pay, fully fund law enforcement, and protect qualified immunity for officers.

Youngkin spoke of the record turnout in November and stated that Virginians were on a mission to restore trust and power to the people. He said that the inauguration was not about him, but about celebrating that movement.

Youngkin stated, “We stand today as the messengers for that movement.” “Entrusted protect liberty, create opportunity, and build unity for all the hard work ahead.”

Youngkin, a candidate for the first time, hails from the GOP’s business wing. McAuliffe used much of his firepower to link Youngkin with former President Donald Trump.

Trump supported Youngkin and he mobilized voters in suburbs to run on issues such as banning critical race theory in schools. Liberals worry that Youngkin’s victory will spell trouble for Democrats across the country in this year’s midterm elections, given President Biden’s low approval ratings.

“I hope that you can feel Virginia’s spirit because it’s alive!” Youngkin told supporters. Youngkin shared his thoughts with supporters. Youngkin saw his win over McAuliffe more than a regular election campaign.

According to pool reports, Youngkin stated that “it was a movement which brought people together like no other in the commonwealth.”

Youngkin was sworn into office along with two other newly elected Republicans, Attorney General Miyares (Lt. Gov.). Winsome Sears standing in front of the state Capitol.

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