Hello From Powerless Virginia


I am going to keep this brief. Being From Virginia, (and currently only have power because we are running a generator for a few hours) I would like to encourage people to be a little prepared. If you don’t have a wood fire stove for heat, gas burners for cooking, and a generator for temporary running water, you will have an extremely unpleasant time. Particularly if you don’t have any food and can’t get to a store (which many people can’t). If you can’t walk to a store to get food, then you can’t guarantee you will get any. Assuming that the store is open or has anything. All that said please look at some of these affiliate links we have here, many have good deals.

We would appreciate if you used the ones here, but if you don’t want to, go somewhere else. But get something! You don’t have to get everything at once, be fiscally responsible. But don’t be a person that imagines nothing could ever go wrong where they live. Just ask Texas how that went with the snow storms they had last year.


Solar Backup Power Charger (Phones and small devices)

Another option for Solar Power Chargers

Small portable stove

There are many other things you can get too. But start with the basics and work your way up.

Stay safe and strong!

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