Biden Mocked For Wearing Mask Outside On Delaware Beach

After a video posted to Twitter showing President Biden wearing a mask while walking on a Delaware beach with Jill Biden and Commander, he was mocked online. C-SPAN footage shows Biden wearing a mask while out on a walk on Rehoboth Beach. There are only a handful of people around him. The mask was not worn by the first lady, also fully vaccinated.

Since the beginning of the year, the CDC’s guidelines on wearing a mask outdoors have remained almost unchanged. Dr. Anthony Fauci said in May that there was “risk when you’re outside – which we’ve been saying all along – and this led to many people mocking Biden for engaging in “mask theatre” and another Twitter user saying “The theater never ends at the left.”

John Cooper, Heritage Foundation, tweeted, “Vaccinated Joe Biden is wearing an outside mask on the beach alone with his wife.” “Mask theatre is so absurd.”

“Look at this moron. Steve Cortes, a former Trump campaign advisor, tweeted that he was seen walking on a deserted beach with his wife and wearing a mask. The Left …” is the final act of the theater. Other Twitter users, including communication staff at the Republican National Committee, mocked Biden’s decision to wear a mask while walking on the beaches.

Biden has been criticized for not wearing masks and was called out multiple times. Biden was criticized for not wearing a mask while shopping at Murray’s Toggery Shop, Nantucket, last month, despite a sign stating that “Required face cover.”

After footage of him and his first wife not adhering to local mask regulations in D.C. was released, he was criticized. The footage was taken at a high-end Georgetown eatery.

Biden was also seen socializing with the public, but without wearing a mask until he took part in a selfie-op where he donned a mask. Biden is seen shaking hands with many people within close proximity in the video. He was also seen coughing into his hand a month before, and then shaking hands in support.

Fauci spoke out on Sunday about wearing masks while flying on Sunday. He said that it was not a good idea to take off masks while in flight. After Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said Wednesday to a U.S. Senate panel that masks “don’t add much, if any” in combating the spread of COVID-19 aboard airplanes, Fauci made his comment.

Kelly stated, “I believe the case is very strong, that masks don’t add much, or anything, to the air cabin environment.” It’s safe and it is of a very high standard compared to indoor settings.

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