Liberal Media Largely Give Biden A Pass For Claim COVID Gets Solved At State Level

Mainstream media seems to be largely allowing President Biden to try to shift responsibility for COVID-19 to individual States after he pledged to use federal powers to combat it, despite being scolded by former President Trump. “Look, there’s no federal solution. “This gets solved at the state level,” Biden stated Monday during a call with governors to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden also noted the long lines at testing sites over Christmas weekend due to the omicron surge. He stated, “Seeing how difficult it was for some people to get a test this Saturday shows that there is more work to be done.”

Critics noticed that Biden, who promised to have a plan to “get the virus under control” before 2020’s election, suddenly wants states to manage it. Biden’s sudden change of heart has not been met with much criticism from liberal media.

The New York Times published an Associated Press Video headlined “Biden Reassures Govs as Coronavirus Suges.” But harsh criticism of the president’s comments was not found. Biden’s comments did not cause outrage on liberal cable news networks, and the Washington Post didn’t seem to mention the call with governors.

This about-face must be one of the most infuriating double standards of the pandemic. The liberal media attacked President Trump for being irresponsible and arguing that states could have any role in ending the pandemic. What now? It’s just as sensible as the CDC having halved quarantine periods,” Curtis Houck, NewsBusters managing editor, told Fox News Digital.

“There is no shame or admission of guilt. Houck said that if anything is referred to in terms of a “change”, you can bet that the media will simply say that they know more about the virus, and thus are not inconsistent or partisan. “Of course, Americans will be able to tell the difference and find the truth in this clownish turn.

Trump is tapping into an enormous amount of political energy by accepting the backlash against the coronavirus restrictions as he seeks to re-elect himself this year. The president also tries to divert anger over his response to the virus from him to Democratic governors. He hopes they will take the blame for maintaining the restrictions and any deaths after states reopen,” The New York Times reported at that time.

New York Daily News published a headline titled, Trump, unveils ‘Opening Up America’ plan that suspends coronavirus recovery for governors despite his ‘total authority’ vow.” It began with, “When push comes too close, President Trump would rather just take the buck.”

CNN called Trump’s April 2020 declaration that the shots were being shot as a “retreat”, and a “turnabout” CNN’s Kevin Liptak wrote a more measured report on Trump’s April 2020 announcement that states called the shots a “retreat” and a “turnabout”.

Politico published a November 2020 report headlined “Trump administration leaves States to grapple with how do distribute scarce vaccines,” in which the administration claimed it was “shunting” difficult decisions to states.

The Washington Post reported that Biden criticized Trump’s handling of the matter on Dec. 29, 2020, while promising to fully utilize the federal government’s powers “once inaugurated to accelerate the production and distribution of vaccines.

Katie Pavlich, nearly one year into her presidency, feels that the president is not taking responsibility for the pandemic. She resorted to “blaming the governors” during the call.

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