AOC Says It’s Delusional To Think Democrats Will Get Reelected Without Liberal Priorities

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tweeted Friday that Democrats are “delusional” if they think they will be reelected.

According to the New York Democrat, the failure of the party to pass progressive priorities such as student debt and child tax credit (which will expire at the end of the year), means that it is likely to lose its congressional majority. She warned that Dems could be reelected even if they don’t act on filibustering, student debt, Biden breaking BBB promises, letting CTC expire, and 0 paths to citizenship. She claimed that it was impossible for Democrats to reelect her because they “run from” discussions about race and culture.

Ocasio Cortez said that although some might be inclined to blame Sen. Joe Manchin, a moderate Democratic Senator from West Virginia, for opposing progressive policy items, that he often opposed them, that he had “learned helplessness” and that this is not a disposition that encourages confidence or support.

She said President Biden and congressional Democratic leadership are equipped with tools and that a vote should be forced for the Build Back Better bill if it is “really just 1-2 votes”.

She claimed that Biden had told the Congressional Progressive Caucus that he would use his “credibility” to pass the Build back Better bill before they vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill to get them to support it.

She wrote, “They trusted him.” “I doubted he could make a promise to the Senate. But he promised. He has to fulfill his promise.

Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, acknowledged that the bill would likely be delayed until next season as negotiations between Biden and Manchin go on.

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