Joe Biden Renews Promise For Police Reform In Midst Of Nationwide Crime Wave

President Joe Biden reiterated his recent commitment to pursue police and criminal justice reform, even as violent crime rises in the country and Dem leaders try to renege on earlier promises to defund the police. Biden spoke at a holiday party after canceling other parties over concerns about the coronavirus. He cited the growing unpopular push for police reform as a way to help Dems win.

Biden said that the battle isn’t over and the door to victory is still open. He said democracy is dependent on it and that they must keep fighting to get the job done. He went on to say that there’s still so much to be done: police reform, criminal justice, women’s rights, immigration, gun violence, and so forth. 

Biden said he hopes they remember what brought them to the White House and that they won 2020 as a united Dem Party stronger than ever. Biden said they now turn their attention to 2022 and that Republican friends need to know this. A minimum of 12 American cities set records in homicides for this year.

The White House has been unable to recognize the crimes and their causes. White House press secretary Jen Psaki attributed crime waves to the pandemic and not the Dems’ support of anti-police protests or policies.

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