Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Suggests Soy Instead of Turkey Due to Inflation…Start Planning Your Christmas Dinner Now!

Just when you thought your Christmas couldn’t get any more depressing, the St Louis Federal Reserve Bank is here to remind you how inflation is making this year worse than normal. They are actively leading a campaign to get people to consider a soy-based Tofurkey dinner as it is ‘cheaper than the traditional turkey. Especially this year. Kind of weird to think that something that is not only posing as something it’s not is cheaper than the real deal, but the fact that it takes more work to create than the real thing is also mind-blowing.

From their Twitter, they claim “A Thanksgiving dinner serving of poultry costs $1.42. A soybean-based dinner serving with the same amount of calories costs 66 cents and provides almost twice as much protein.” While a fundamentally true statement, this is an incredibly depressing statistic to look at. You might have gotten away with a semi-affordable turkey at Thanksgiving, but don’t expect it to happen again at Christmas. Why should people be choosing the veganism answer for the holidays over tradition just because the left wants to kill Capitalism by inflating it into socialism?

Surprisingly enough, this tweet wasn’t enough for them. They wanted to get the word out in full force and published a full blog post about it. “Now for the main course: turkey (i.e., poultry) or tofurkey (i.e., soybeans)? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, roasted turkey has almost 3 times the caloric value and 1.5 times the protein value of an equivalent serving of fried tofu by weight…Keep in mind that this plant-based meal would be almost 3 times larger by weight than the poultry-based meal and may either keep you at the dinner table longer or provide you with more leftovers. Of course, our calculations here don’t include the time value, energy costs, and additional ingredients required to cook the meals.”

This is just a terrible, terrible idea. To push being a Vegan on the people as a means of saving money is something that one of the most powerful nations on earth should never have to do. Choose by free will? Sure. Being forced to due to the inflation rates? Not how it’s supposed to be. While time will tell how it will play out, it will be curious to see how Christmas dinner will turn out as the inflation under Biden mission keeps rolling on down the tracks. Like an out-of-control inflation rocket, it just keeps climbing and climbing. The problem with this is rockets either burn out and crash back to earth, or they blow up in mid-air. Both situations would be dire for the U.S. economy.

With the traditional turkey under fire for the holidays, it’s only a wonder where inflation will lead us next. Perhaps Santa will be forced to lose some pounds due to not being able to afford to staff his sled with 8 reindeer, and now will only fly with 4. Better yet, he may have to cut out being able to give gifts because the elves unionized and are realizing how vastly underpaid they are. Since Santa can’t pay them on milk and cookies, he’ll have to let 85% of his workforce go as a result.

Inflation is killing the American dream at every level and making achieving the dream harder and harder by the day. People are incapable of achieving the dream as it keeps getting pushed further and further back. There is a considerable gap between where we are as a country and where we need to be. With Biden piloting the inflation rocket, he has shown no signs of steering it anywhere but up. Thanksgiving was the first casualty and it looks like Christmas is next.

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