Federal Government To Shut Down In Two Days, Some Republicans Seek To Use Leverage To Defund Vax Mandates

The Dem-controlled Federal Government plans to shut down at the end of this week, with GOP politicians planning to take advantage and discredit the national vaccine mandate for the private sector.

Dems need to find a way to fund the government before the end of the week, even though they are still trying to reach a compromise with the Senate and House GOP members to prevent another shutdown in January. Dems had prioritized funding the government over pushing through massive spending bills through Congress.

GOP members see an opportunity to discredit President Joe Biden’s mandate for vaccines on the private sector. They plan to object to rapid consideration of a temporary measure to extend funding until early 2022 unless Dem leaders agree not to defund the mandate.

Sen. Mike Lee said Dems would all love to simplify the process for solving the CR, but can’t facilitate it without addressing vaccine mandates. He called it unreasonable for his Dem counterparts to delay enforcement for the duration of the continuing resolution.

Only one GOP senator would be needed to make the Dems pay, but there could be up to 15 GOP senators who are willing to call their bluff.

GOP senators are also reported to have the support of their House members and have the vote to approve any funding measure passed by the Senate. Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, is backing the Senators’ strategy. Rep. Chip Roy said that Senate GOP members have the leverage they need to stop funding for the vaccination mandate enforcement.

GOP members can force Dems to repeal the vaccine mandates through a continuing resolution before the end of the week. The government could shut down temporarily while congressional Dems finish the resolution. It was reported that the Senate cannot begin voting until the House passes the CR. The House can’t vote on the CR until there is a deal.

The Senate Dems might find it difficult to schedule their legislative agenda if the government is shut down. Senator Chuck Schumer pledged to pass many critical pieces of legislation prior to the holidays, which includes suspending the debt ceiling prior to December 15.

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