Jim Banks Calls To Oppose Funding Bills That Do Not Address Inflation, Border Crisis

Rep. Jim Banks recently stated that GOP politicians should reject any funding bill that does not address President Joe Biden’s crises like inflation, open borders, and the soaring debt. Banks, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, claims that each of the crises facing the nation today can be traced back specifically to Dem policies. He said we can’t give Biden permission to continue on this destructive track. The House is expected to vote before the end of the week.

GOP members claimed that voting for a continuing solution to increase government funding would only further the Biden agenda.

Banks said GOP members must stand up for working for American families, and oppose any funding bills which don’t include measures to reverse these man-made crises. He said a vote on the continuing resolution is a vote to support the Biden agenda.

Congress will face increasing deadlines from the government ahead of 2022. Biden’s Dem majority must pass a funding bill to address the debt ceiling, as well as a bill to pass the National Defense Authorization Act. 

The House passed the Build Back Better Act but must pass a CR prior to the Dec 3 deadline, or the government funding bill could impede momentum. The House Dems are likely to pass legislation to finance the government until late January.

The Dems were also criticized by Banks for not passing the Build Back Better act. He stated that the GOP party should stand up for American workers and oppose funding bills that do not include measures to reverse man-made crises. Voting for the continuing resolution is a vote in favor of the Biden agenda.

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