Facebook & Twitter Silent On Whether Kyle Rittenhouse Support Is Still Banned

Twitter and Facebook have banned support of Kyle Rittenhouse on their respective platforms, but have refused to comment on whether support for Rittenhouse is still prohibited after the jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of all charges against him.

Rittenhouse was not found guilty of five charges by Bruce Schroeder, the presiding judge. It was reported that Big Tech companies continue to censor statements supporting Rittenhouse despite the fact that the case was dropped.

The ban has been in effect for over a year on Instagram and Facebook and is still in force. It even caught Republican Senate candidates in its net.

Facebook claims that support for Rittenhouse violates its guidelines regarding”violence or dangerous organizations. Twitter users have reported that Rittenhouse support is still being suspended, with sources trying to find out if they had lifted their bans on it in the wake of the verdict. Neither company has yet to respond.

GoFundMe was one of the platforms that banned Rittenhouse fundraisers but issued a statement stating that fundraisers for him would be permitted in light of the teenager being acquitted. They stated that they had only banned fundraisers following the bringing of charges of violent crime against him.

Twitter GOP members have quickly pointed out that GoFundMe is happy to host fundraisers for individuals facing charges of violence or other crimes, provided they support BLM or other left-leaning organizations. GoFundMe has shut down replies to its tweets and its CEO deleted his account shortly after the verdict.

Facebook, Twitter, and GoFundMe have not made any efforts to stop people from using their platforms to support violent, race-fueled protests that swept U.S cities. These riots left over a million dead and caused more than $1B in property destruction.

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