Texas Dem Switches To Republican Party Over Defunding The Police

A Texas Democrat has switched to the GOP over their party’s radical left support for defunding the police and the chaotic policies at the southern border. Ryan Guillen, a state rep from Texas, announced at a press conference that he would seek reelection as a Republican to his seat in south Texas. He said the liberal’s party values were no longer aligned with his.

Guillen specifically cited the support of his former party for defunding police and the resulting crisis at the southern border under President Biden.

Guillen stated how there’s something’s happening in South Texas and that many of them are waking-up to the fact that Washington, D.C. values are not Texas values. He went on to say that the idea of defunding police, destroying oil and gas industries, and the border crisis is disastrous for those who live here in South Texas.

Guillen, a former Dem, had nearly 17 points won his seat in 2020, and served almost 20 years in the Texas House. Guillen’s move is a victory for the GOP, as they push to gain momentum along the historically blue border.

Gov. Abbott and speaker Dade Phelan joined Guillen for his Floresville announcement. Dee Duncan, President of the Republican State Leadership Committee, said that John Lujan’s surprise victory in a district with a majority Hispanic community has already proven that Texans are fed up with Dem leadership. He said that Ryan Guillen’s party switch makes that fact even more clear.

Duncan said that the Dem leaders today are so focused on appeasing the radical left base by putting teachers’ unions ahead of their parents, pushing socialist taxes, and fighting for open borders. He said that the elected officials within their own party can’t even support the agenda anymore.

Duncan stated that the GOP welcomes Guillen to their party with open arms and looks forward to working with him as they deliver real solutions for the people living in his district.

Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Dem Party, attacked Guillen for his switch and said that he would rather keep his job than stand up for Texans.

Hinojosa stated that while they were disappointed that he “sold his soul” to South Texans, they are excited to make room for a true Democrat to run. He said that Texas Dems will continue standing up for their values and fighting for the greatest problems facing Texas families.

He said that there’s clearly no priority for Rep. Guillen and told him not to let the door hit him on his way out.

Since taking office, the ongoing border crisis has been a problem for the Biden administration, VP Harris being appointed to manage the crisis. Harris was just in France last week when she was criticized for her French accent during a visit to a Paris laboratory. The border crisis could also have an impact on the Hispanic vote, which is already increasing and moving towards the GOP Party.

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