Reports Outline Why World Leaders are Laughing at Joe Biden

Americans are attempting to roll with the punches as story after story of deep and cutting embarrassments placed in America’s good name are streaming in from the world stage and it’s becoming increasingly clear that President Joe Biden has some serious deficiencies in his representation of the nation.

Everything from flatulence before a dutchess (and UK Prime Minister) and rumors of bowel incontinence with the leader of the Catholic Church, make it painfully obvious that Biden is more suited for a bedpan than a bidet. The almost 79-year-old White House occupant made such a significant negative impact on international leaders that, according to sources close to the royal family, Buckingham Palace has yet to stop talking about the president’s negative interactions with several of the most prominent duchesses’ and other European leaders.

However, at least one leader of Americans has decided to take a new approach to take international relations in hand. Former President Donald Trump released a statement on Monday, blasting the current president (his successor) and attempting to mend fences with those on the international stage. According to Trump, the leaders of the world are “laughing at Biden,” and he doesn’t care for his hard work to be undone.

Trump’s statement addressed Biden’s failures, from failures in Afghanistan to Biden’s apparent episode of sleeping during Monday’s COP26 conference in Scotland and when he later apologized to world leaders over America leaving the Paris Accord where he blamed Trump for “putting us behind the eight ball.”

“It is very interesting that Afghanistan, and our horrible and incompetent withdrawal, losing soldiers and leaving $Billions of military equipment, was when people really began to realize how horrible this Socialism/Communism direction for America has become,” Trump said. The president also blasted his successor, saying Biden is being laughed at by world leaders.

“We have never been thought of so poorly as we are right now, including the fact that the leaders of foreign countries, all of whom are at the top of their game, are laughing at Biden as he makes the rounds in Europe,” the former president said.“So low and so bad for America,” Trump added. “There has never been a time like it!”

Trump wasn’t the only one who noticed Biden had a little trouble keeping his eyes open during the meeting. While it’s understandable that someone of his age might have a bit of trouble keeping the excessive schedule that is required of the leader of the free world, it’s not understandable that he would take on the position, knowing that he was in declining health.

United States media outlets jumped on his apparent cat nap, examining the length (apparently it was roughly 22 seconds) and what woke him (hint: sometimes the Democrats’ interns are good for things other than wearing blue dresses). Unfortunately for Biden, the speech he was sleeping through was for the United Nations climate conference which was outlining a pathway to create new legislation that world leaders believe will fix the atmospheric temperature.

As the speaker said, “You are in a position of extraordinary power,” which is when Biden’s eyes closed, and with his arms folded across his chest, and while sitting upright in a chair, the president nodded off to dreamland. For the rest of the minute-long clip, an assistant appears to attempt to wake him and offer a message, and the speech ended with Biden joining the rest of the wakeful audience clapping for the speaker.

So, is Trump right, or is it Biden that’s carrying the nation through its tough time? Should we continue to trust that Biden will get the job done and will save the nation from issues like supply chain problems and an oil crisis? Or should we take him at his actions that he seems bent on complying with the progressive agenda over what will assist Americans in their constitutional rights? It’s up to each individual to decide. However, what each decides affects the total, and we would do well to remember at least that much.

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