House Republican’s 4-Word Response To Those Who Pushed Phony Anti-Trump Doc

Top Republican of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan recently shared a message for anyone who believed and pushed the anti-Trump dossier in the wake of recent indictments from Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe: “We told you so.”

Durham indicted Igor Danchenko from Russia last week as he is believed to have been the sub-source of Christopher Steele. Steele is a former British intelligence officer who compiled the dossier against Carter Page, Trump’s campaign aide in 2016.

The DNC funded the dossier, as well as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign through Perkins Coie. The recent plea by Danchenko to false statements regarding the source of the information he provided Steele in the dossier was not guilty.

Jordan, who was involved in Republican investigations into Russia’s origins, responded to these developments. He said they were doing exactly what they claimed President Trump was doing. They were working with Russia and that goes straight to the Clinton campaign. Former AG William Barr even revealed that the sub source of an FBI Investigation was suspected of having contact with Russian officers.

Jordan cited Danchenko’s indictment, adding that this is the Clinton Campaign and how they orchestrated the whole thing. He also pointed out that Danchenko and Michael Sussmann were both charged with making false statements about the FBI. Jordan adds that the FBI is indicting them for the original lies they told.

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller said he did not find any evidence of criminal conspiracy or coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russians during 2016.

Barr appointed Durham to the U.S. Attorney’s office at the conclusion of Mueller’s investigation. Durham was then serving as the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut. He was charged with investigating the origins and history of the FBI’s Russia probe (known as Crossfire Hurricane) and given instructions to review the probe after Mueller was appointed.

Before leaving the Trump government, Barr appointed Durham as his special counsel. He said he wanted to continue his investigation through the Biden admin. Barr states that Durham is authorized to investigate any federal official, employee, or person who violated the law in connection with the 2016 presidential campaigns. He said that this includes but is not limited to Crossfire Hurricane and the investigation of Robert Mueller.

Jordan led a number of high-profile congressional investigations during Obama’s administration and the Trump-Russia investigation, which was the first impeachment against former President Trump.

Jordan said that he spent a lot of time writing about investigations because of the nature of his committees. He added that he has just always seemed to have been involved in all of it. He added how he really believes that people who have read this book will enjoy it. He notes that it was a fun read and includes his interactions with Trump.

Jordan said that they had walked through all of the important investigations, adding that there are some great stories in there, which, as I mentioned. Jordan believes his readers will enjoy it and that he is excited for people to dive in.

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