Biden Is Perfectly Comfortable With DOJ Settling With Illegal Migrants Separated At Border

The White House recently shared that President Biden was perfectly content with the Department of Justice settling illegal migrants who were separated from their families by the Trump admin. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shared with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy that reports of Biden offering $450K to illegal immigrants are “garbage” and “not gonna happen.”

Doocy asked the press secretary to respond to statements by Anthony D. Romero, who’d stated after Biden’s denial that the president hadn’t been fully informed about the actions of his own Justice Department. He said that they carefully deliberated and considered the crimes against thousands of families as an intention governmental policy.

Jean-Pierre went on to state that if it saves taxpayer money and puts the history of the previous admin behind us, then the president is “perfectly happy” with the DOJ’s decision to settle individuals and families currently in litigation. She emphasized how the department can talk more about that process, if necessary.

Jean-Pierre went on to explain how Biden’s answer was in reference to the dollar amount that the plaintiffs will receive. She states that the department made it clear that the reported numbers are higher than any settlement landed.

Jean-Pierre said they have to recall how they got there and to a place where families are being separated. She went on to call Trump-era policies “immoral, cruel and inhuman.” She told reporters that they can ask for any additional information from the DOJ. The DOJ has declined comment due to pending litigation.

Jean-Pierre went on to say that the president and the DOJ will remain independent, adding that Biden will be briefed about the settlement negotiations when it is appropriate to give his opinion. She went on to explain how Biden was asked a question and “he answered it straight.” She said that’s all that was being asked of him and that there’s not much else to say. The administration that promised the most transparency is, yet again, providing the least. 

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