Liberal Media Is Brazenly Lying Saying CRT Isn’t Taught In Virginia Schools

The media watchdog NewsBusters recently accused the left-leaning press of flat-out lying in an allegation that Critical Race Theory wasn’t being taught in Virginia classrooms. Parents have been concerned about their children’s education in American schools, claiming that the curriculum is unfair and divides children by race. It also centers every social situation under the lens of race.

NewsBusters gathered various clips from news sources claiming that CRT isn’t taught in Virginia schools before calling them, liars. Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post Reporter, explained in a recent article that Critical Race Theory was not being taught in public classrooms. Another report from NBC News states that there is “no evidence” that CRT has been taught in public schools.

There have also been guests on MSNBC’s Morning Joe who have stated that Virginia schools don’t teach critical race theory. NewsBusters went on to say that these pundits have a “very limited definition” of CRT instead of the “high-level study that examines the intersection of race and other cultural forces.”

They state that while 5th graders may not be hearing complicated lectures about race and racial identity, the concepts are all about deconstructing whiteness, white privilege, and any “systemic racism” associated with CRT.

Reports also revealed that the DOE recommended a book called “We Want To Do More Than Survive” in March last year. It embraced educators teaching CRT concepts, colonialism, and Black feminism. Officials talked about embracing theories like CRT, feminism, and disabilities.

Many people believe that education was a major factor in the polls between GOP Glenn Youngkin and Dem Terry McAuliffe’s race for governor. Parents have received attention across the country for confronting local school boards regarding CRT and policies they feel are inappropriate for children.

McAuliffe made false claims that Youngkin wanted to ban Black authors such as Toni Morrison, even though he only suggested that he was open to parents being notified when their children are exposed to books with graphic material. This was just one of several lies that the radical left has made in the last week leading to the election.

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