RSC Memo Outlines 31 Policies That Will Wreck America

The House of Representatives is warning Americans about 31 policies contained in the Dem-driven reconciliation bill that could lead to the end of America’s economy and social structures. Democrats have unveiled some of the policies they hope to pass through Congress with no GOP support.

Rep. Jim Janks, Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, added that they had new bill text and wanted an update on it. He also said that it wasn’t about the “pricetag”, which is not $0. It’s all about the policies underneath the bill.

Banks continues to state that the reconciliation package still contains 31 policies that will wreck America. Although the memo contained 42 policies that were rejected by the GOP, Dems worked together to negotiate a package that could overcome their narrow margins in each chamber. The list has been reduced because of this.

Some policies encourage the Green New Deal in schools and give more power to unions. They also promote a social justice agenda and eliminate language that would allow for the exclusion of certain grounds of immigrant inadmissibility. The bill would also contain paid leave, a gain tax increase, and healthcare changes. GOP members claim that the legislation could still cause havoc in the country and that it will be up for a vote in the next few days.

According to the memo, Biden’s agenda would continue the labor crisis for small businesses by allowing welfare benefits to continue. It would increase taxes and lower wages for workers. Although the White House claims that it won’t raise taxes for anyone earning less than $400k per year, economists warn that tax increases will be felt by people making less than that amount. According to Banks, individuals of all income levels will be affected.

The memo also penalizes Republican states for not adopting any provisions in Green New Deal. It raises utility bills with taxes and natural gas and funds a $10 billion program to support environmental justice in college. This program was intended to indoctrinate college students into advancing radical-left environmental priorities.

The memo states that millions of illegal immigrants would be able to become citizens if there was a mass amnesty program. Illegal immigrants would be eligible for tax credits and student aid, and they would also be able to reclaim green cards from previous years.

Democrats want to pass the bill in the Senate between the slim House majority and reconciliation. This would eliminate the need for GOP votes. The memo urges GOP members to voice their opposition loudly and boldly.
It’s not about legislating, but about looting, according to the memo. Banks claims that Democrats are using the spending platform to steal from the working-class Americans instead of using it for its intended purpose. He suggested that the Biden Administration should be ashamed of what they are doing to this nation.

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