Pelosi Refuses To Share Her Reelection Plans, All Eyes On McCarthy

Term limits have been talked about for quite some time now, particularly because of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, who is 81-years-old, has held her congressional seat since 1987 and has not answered on whether she will run for reelection in 2022. She has refused to answer any questions about her future in Congress and if she will seek the Speaker’s position again.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper recently had Pelosi on as a guest and brought up her own future in Congress. “Are you going to run for reelection?” He asked.

Pelosi pushed back that she wasn’t going to make any announcements right there and now and that she’s going to have those conversations with her family first. Tapper said he was asking the question because it’s not about him, but the American people and the world. This is an international show,” he adds.

Pelosi would not budge and said she would like to be on CNN “many more times” before she announces anything. She is currently in her 18th term as House Speaker and represents California’s 12th Congressional District.

Democrats currently hold a slim majority in the lower chamber while Republicans are eager to win back congressional seats in 2022. Some Democrats have already announced their own plans to retire, including Reps. Mike Doyle and David Price. Others have viewed minority leader Rep. Kev McCarthy as being the “favorite” to be voted speaker of the house if the GOP wins control of the lower chamber.

McCarthy even slammed House Speaker Pelosi as the “lame duck speaker” and a “sitting duck speaker” as a way to reflect how she does business in Congress. He even notes how Pelosi was MIA and in Europe when Democrats were infighting on reconciliation, even though she had been supposedly “concerned” about the debt ceiling.

Pelosi had been at the G20 Parliamentary Speakers Summit in Rome for presentations on COVID-19 responses, national security issues, and climate change. McCarthy commented on the trip as Pelosi’s version of a “farewell tour” while her own members were fighting about how to use money from our hard-working taxpayers for a “park in her district.” Democrats were trying to include an additional $200 million to improvements in a San Francisco national park in the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill.

McCarthy has gone on to argue that Nancy Pelosi has caused “big problems” in Congress and “desecrated” the institution. He said she has made it nearly impossible for any minority members in Congress to get Biden administration documents particularly the ones who hold people accountable for the U.S troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

He also points out Pelosi’s proxy voting, adding how Democrats have not shown up to work for months but are still getting their paychecks. On the other hand, some members can get fined up to $5,000 for walking through the wrong chamber doors or refusing to go through the metal detectors she installed after Jan 6. Capitol incident. Members can get fined $5,000 for a first-time offense and $10,000 for a second one.

The GOP needs to gain just five seats to regain the House Majority after losing to Democrats in the 2018 midterms. McCarthy said he will predict more House Democrats to announce their retirements in the holiday months ahead.

“You look at the issue set of where the public is at – crime, inflation, wokeism, the border – all of those the Democrats have to play defense. Republicans don’t have to play defense at all,” McCarthy adds.

He goes on to say that he believes this election cycle will be “almost better” and that they have a much bigger field against the Democrats than they could ever imagine. Majorities aren’t given, they are earned. And Speaker Pelosi might be out the door before you know it.

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