Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Just Keep Plummeting

According to the polls, President Joe Biden is hitting a record low in approval ratings as he poorly manages the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the border crisis, and the near-empty shelves this Holiday season. On paper, Biden appears to be the most popular president in the history of the country. The polls share a different story.

Last week, pollster Jonathan Zogby of Zogby Analytics announced that Biden had a 36% positive job performance, while his negative rating was at 61%. They note how a large amount of women voters have abandoned the president, followed by independent voters critical of his spending agenda and infrastructure plans. Zogby wrote that Biden needs to improve his polling numbers with women or Democratic leaders, otherwise he could risk losing the 2022 midterm election.

Zogby even compared Biden’s presidency to one that is “sinking like the Titanic,” as he is unable to get House Democrats to agree on a solid infrastructure bill or reach any pandemic-related goals. President Biden has only implemented executive vaccine mandates, which have not helped his cause. The polls have gotten so bad that some believe if he were to go against former President Donald Trump today, he’d lose.

While some people have tried to defend his poll numbers, they are only getting worse by the week. Actor George Clooney even pointed out Biden’s “sinking” poll numbers are due to the fact that he inherited a “wounded country” from former president Donald Trump. He tried to defend President Biden in an interview on the BBC’s “The Andrew Marr Show” by comparing the country to a bettered child. Cruise said it’s like “taking a battered child and thinking everything’s going to be OK his first day in school.”

But Biden’s approval ratings have continued to drop while gas prices continue to rise. He reached an all-time low rating of 36.4% in his presidency, according to the most recent Zogby poll. This is after some of the most recent announcements regarding a supply chain crisis. Shelves could be empty this holiday season and the Department of Transportation secretary is MIA on paternity leave.

First, border czar, Kamala Harris refuses to acknowledge the border crisis. Now, transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg has disappeared during a supply chain crisis. There’s a reason the president’s job performance is so low, especially after promising nothing but solutions and transparency on the campaign trail.

In the most recent Zogby poll with 896 likely voters, respondents among the younger generation, particularly between 19 and 29 years old, viewed Biden 63% and only 34% positively. His support amongst Hispanics also fell as they are now 41% positive and 59% negative. Independent voters view Biden as 24% positive and 71% negative. Some voters said they are even having “remorse” for casting a ballot for Biden.

The only people who are surprised by Biden’s bad poll numbers are the people who believe he got 81 million legitimate votes in the first place. He’s always been this bad, even as a career politician.

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