De Blasio Dumps Trump Golf Course Contract For No Reason

It was recently announced that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be yanking the plans of a 20-year contract for former president Donald Trump to build and operate the Links at Ferry Point, a public golf course in the Bronx. Trump announced how former Mayor Bloomberg inked the deal for him to transform a scandal-ridden site in the Bronx to a Jack Nicklaus Signature-designed golf course. He said the area has been a “money-losing disaster” for the city and that he has invested millions of dollars of cash into the project and to get things done.

It was announced that a company called Ferry Point Links LLC will be awarded a 13-year Parks department deal to take over the course at the foot of the Bronx-Whitestone bridge. Trump has vowed to fight the city over political retaliation and control of the links, adding that he has also committed $10 million to build a clubhouse and had been awarded the rights to run the course until 2035.

“Now under Mayor De Blasio, he wants to CONFISCATE the project from me for no reason whatsoever, and terminate my long-term arrangement with the city. Mayor De Blasio wants to take it away after all of the work was so successfully done, and so much money was spent. So unfair—this is what happens in Communist Countries, not in America!” Trump released a statement.

New York has politically attacked Trump in the past. After the Jan 6 incident at the Capitol, Mayor de Blasio even stripped Trump’s name from the city-owned course and yanked his control over two ice rinks and a carousel in Central Park. It was revealed that the city was to turn the course over to a leading homeless shelter operator registered by CORE CEO Jack A. Brown. The organization, CORE Services Group Inc, wrote to executives of the city Department of Parks and Recreation that they decided to withdraw from consideration in taking over the 18-hole course.

The company wrote that they are “disappointed” they are unable to move forward with the project but will continue breaking barriers and creating new opportunities for New Yorkers. While CORE will administer some of the staffing, they announced they would not be taking over the operations of the course.

“We have received and accepted a notice from CORE informing us of their withdrawal from our Ferry Point golf course Negotiated Contract process. We are happy to say that, as Bobby Jones Links’ intended operator role made up 90% of the responsibilities proposed, we will continue the process with them as the new course operator as planned,” Crystal Howard, a Parks Department spokesperson, said.

De Blasio spoke out against the lawsuits and only said that the city is in a strong legal position while the Trump Organization is not. “We believe we’re going to win that one straightforward,” de Blasio said.

Trump has emphasized how he will continue to fight against the communist-style tactics by Dem politicians and their attempts to punish him. New York is ruining itself from the inside out.

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