Biden Admin Blocking Americans’ Entrance from Afghanistan Denying Flight Clearance to Land

The Biden administration has continued to work overtime to not assist Americans in leaving the now Taliban-controlled nation of Afghanistan. In fact, it could appear, to someone who has not been listening to praise from the mainstream media, like the administration was working to block Americans to leave the terrorist-controlled nation.

According to a report in The Daily Wire, the administration has blocked a chartered flight that is carrying more than 100 American citizens and green card holders from landing in the United States after escaping the Middle East Nation.

The dozens of at-risk Americans were given this chance to escape because of a volunteer group that managed to get them a private flight. That same group is accusing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of refusing to give clearance for the charter flight to land in the U.S. This according to a report in Reuters:

“They will not allow a charter on an international flight into a U.S. port of entry,” said Project Dynamo founder Bryan Stern. By Tuesday morning, Stern, who is himself aboard the blocked flight, said they had made it out of Kabul to an airport in Abu Dhabi.

The Reuters report stated that an administration official who was speaking on condition of anonymity said they didn’t know anything about the specific flight but that the government just takes some time to verify the manifests of chartered planes before they let them into the U.S.

The Daily Wire reported that a DHS spokesperson offered them a statement that said that “all U.S.-bound flights must follow the established safety, security, and health protocols before they are cleared for departure. This process requires flight manifests to be verified before departure to the U.S. to ensure all passengers are screened appropriately.”

But Stern’s group is one of several working with private citizens to help the Americans and American allies who are stranded among Taliban forces. This is all after the American military pulled out and the Taliban chose to enforce President Joe Biden’s deadline. Then, the terrorists refused the request of the American president for more time for Americans to get out.

While it might seem like honor on the part of Biden to move out on the date he previously set, those terms changed substantially when it was discovered that Taliban forces were attempting to trick Americans and American allies out toward their roving packs so they could take them into custody and, in some cases, kill them in public, if not put them through extensive incarceration and punishments.

As for the flight in question, Army veteran and volunteer with the Afghan Rescue Crew, Jean Marie Thrower, told the Daily Wire on Sunday that the number of trapped Americans is “definitely” higher than what the State Department claims:

“Definitely, there are more than the hundred that is being stated. We have multiple groups working together with teams with rosters of people, and we continue to scrub those rosters to make sure we know where these people are at,” Thrower said. “I do want to say as a veteran, quickly, that I’m appalled at our administration and how they have disrespected Americans and our allies, as well as put our soldiers’ future operations in jeopardy.”

“We have the evidence out there. We are talking to these people. We have American children. We have children being born that are really under American citizenship, technically. So, there are a lot of different things,” Thrower said.

Why, you might ask? At this point the answers are unknown. It was unknown why they were left behind, why they were blocked from getting behind American lines, and why, after a herculean effort on the part of private citizens, they’re being kept from their homes. This is even when they have made their own, not government-sponsored, plans to get home.

Does someone have leverage on Biden? Does the Taliban need more people to use as barter or to string up on cranes? It’s hard to know when the people who have been under the Taliban’s thumb aren’t being let back into the country.

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