8 Ways Biden is Making the World More Dangerous…

Over the last few years, more than a few in our nation, mostly all from the political left, have said that former U.S. President Donald Trump was the most divisive and dangerous leader the country has ever seen. And as such, they were keen to get rid of him pretty much as soon as he announced a political run for the White House in 2015.

However, it’s since been proven that Trump was, in fact, far from our most dangerous or chaos-causing Commander in Chief. Instead, our current president and career Democrat, Joe Biden has earned that title.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Enter Republican Representative Chris Stewart from Utah.

In a Sunday piece published by The Hill, Stewart expounded on all the ways Biden has made our nation less safe, increasingly damaged, and no longer the greatest or the most powerful in the world.

As Stewart points out, the policies and decisions of Biden have:

Energized the Taliban and the terrorist group known as ISIS-K.
Emboldened foreign adversaries to take advantage of Biden’s weaknesses.
Empowered communist China to begin assault drills near Taiwan.
Enabled Russia to ramp up cyberattacks against the U.S.
Obliterated American energy independence.
Ignited soaring inflation, hurting consumers and the economy.
Blamed fellow Americans for the ongoing COVID crisis.
Squandered goodwill from international allies.

These are all a direct quote of what Stewart has said. Naturally, the first few on the list all have to do with Biden’s decision and method of withdrawing from Afghanistan, as it has now forever ruined our reputation as a world leader. And this has caused a number of threats against America to only grow.

As you well know, under our former presidents, America beat back terrorist groups like ISIS-K and never ceased to put them in their place. As a result, we were feared as a world power.

But now, thanks to Biden’s hasty and botched withdrawal, the Taliban is no longer afraid of us, as is evident by their immediate take over of Kabul, even though Biden made threats of airstrikes to them just days before. They are now on a rampage to obliterate any evidence of the U.S. in Afghanistan, including the torture and murder of any Afghans who so much as thought of Americans in a good light.

Of course, as several on the list imply, this decision didn’t just affect those in the Middle East. China is now unconcerned with any possible threat the U.S. may be to their efforts to reclaim Taiwan. And so, as such, they have ramped up drills and blatant assaults on the island nation since the moment Biden said he was leaving Afghanistan.

The move has also encouraged Russia, although they didn’t wait that long to increase their cyberattacks on the U.S. Instead, it seems they understood from “the moment Biden stepped into office,” the U.S. was in less capable hands, according to Stewart.

“And how did President Biden respond? He cleared the way for a Russian pipeline that will boost our rival’s economy and enhance their ability to manipulate our partners in Western Europe,” Stewart says.

Suffice it say that to the world, we are a laughing stock and has-been thanks to Biden…

Meanwhile, back home in the states, it seems Biden has waged war against American energy. He canceled our biggest pipeline project to date, nixed domestic oil and gas leases, and turned over contracts for Iranian oil. Of course, after realizing that all that would only drive energy prices up, he went to our competitors, begging for help, only to be denied and made into a complete fool.

Then, of course, there is the reckless spending his administration has participated in and is still proposing, causing inflation to rise to levels our nation hasn’t seen in decades. And that doesn’t even begin to explain the proposed tax hike Biden wants.

And who could forget the COVID crisis?

While Biden swore that he would be the one to unite America and bring her back to health and safety, he’s now proposing mandates for all Americans and blaming those who refuse for it all.

Talk about being divisive…

And that’s all just been in the past ten months. With so much destruction and chaos afoot now, how in the world are we supposed to survive another three years of this?

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